Penis Rings Set

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About the product:

ENHANCE ERECTION & STAMINA: By wrapping around the genital to create a sense of restraint, these penis ring sets can physically control your blood flows to keep you stimulated and stay harder bigger, meanwhile the cock rings also have effects on locking the deferent duct to delay the ejaculation

MORE FIERCE SEXUAL PLEASURE FOR BOTH PARTNERS: According to the above,these penis rings make the male hyperactive and in the mean time-restricted blood flows increase the length and girth and hardness of genital.And that would result in making the taker more pleasing and satisfied.

VARIOUS USING COMBINATION: Totally 4 sizes of penis rings, each one of them has different sizes or functions which indicate you can wear them at the different parts of the genital to get different kinds of outcomes or pleasure.You can also take advice from your partner to see which way makes her /him more comfortable.

UNIQUE DESIGN: We design an exclusive shape of ring,the one with buckle strap, and the purpose of it is to make every customer has control of choosing their rightest size or get to experience different joys of tightness. (note, please adjust the size you want before you wear it on.)

 SUPERIOR: What we use to make cock rings is 100% BRAND NEW medical silicone,it's non-toxic,odorless, soft touching, sleek and stretchy but sturdy.It's pretty durable for a cock ring.And our products are also certified by ROHS and CE.




Brand New Medical Silicone, odorless

Units:4 pieces

Color: Black.

Target audience: male

Package list:1 x 2 piece attached ring, 1 x buckle ring, 2 x regular ring(different sizes), 1 x packing box.