Penis Developper

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About the product

  • If used correctly, over 80% of the boys may have an improvement in sexual performance. In addition, it reduces the problems of premature ejaculation, fight against erectile dysfunction and intensifies your libido and your orgasms.
  • A pump is one of the least expensive treatments. It does not require medication, surgery or painful injections, which are sometimes the preferred treatment options.
  • Slide on a restriction ring once you have finished your erection and you have a harder and bigger erection that will take at least 30 minutes for most guys.
  • A woman's sex inserted at the end of the pump very soft silicone material that allows men to not hurt themselves.
  • USB rechargeable which is very convenient to enjoy the suction. A manometer to not exceed the pressure required by the man. Very clear scale to help you monitor the growth of your penis when using this penis extension pump.


Optimize the size and performance of your erections to achieve even more spectacular orgasms with the automatic suction penis pump! Make yourself comfortable and let this miraculous pump that can help strengthen your libido and optimize the size of your manhood up to 30% more than his natural abilities!

Penis pumps create a breath of air that stimulates blood flow to the penis and can help achieve better erections. This rechargeable automatic suction pump takes care of all your efforts. Just place your penis indoors, lie back and let your pump at the controls of its three levels of sucking that will work to optimize your libido!


  • Efficient and safe physical exercise enhances your sexual ability
  • Soft and safe medical grade silicone
  • Accurate scale
  • 3 suction levels, with a button to release the pressure.
  • Usb charging which is convenient and fast
  • Low noise
  • Detachable design

How to use

1)Charge the toy (which takes 1-3 hours to fully charge)

2)Apply enough lubricant to the penis and the rubber sleeve

3)Insert the penis into the vacuum tube through the rubber sleeve

4)Start the machine until the penis enlarges, expands to a comfortable state, press the switch key, turn off the machine

5)Press the "Valves"button key to release the air pressure and pull out the penis and complete an exercise

6)Open the enlarger, clean the barrel, the motor part is not waterproof, wipe with a paper towel