Electronic Penis Pump

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About the product

  • Enjoy penis enlargement at home or away on the road with this innovative USB rechargeable penis pump from Ideal for Me! Instantly obtain a boost in size with this automatic pump.
  • The pump is designed to gently suck blood into your penis and gives you a larger, stronger erection with regular use. This penis pump comes with an extra-large cylinder for maximum enlargement.
  • The product is made from premium materials. The electric pump has superb suction and has quality construction. The pump operates on a simple easy to use system that makes achieving extra girth and length so easy!
  • Very clear scale to help you monitor the growth of your penis when using this penis extension pump.
  • Automatic and electricity with a button to suck the air with 3 suction levels and another button to release the pressure. 


Use the Fondlove brand Penis pump 15 to 20 minutes a day for six weeks! It can help give you better erections and increase your libido and pleasure. Fondlove Penis Enlarger is an innovative solution on the market for anyone who wants to take on longer, wider erections.

Why use the Fondlove pump?

When you have an erection, your brain generates hormones, which send blood into your penis and fill your erectile tissue. The blood spaces of the cavernous body fill up to the maximum, which causes an erection.

The more your cavernous body can fill, the larger the size of your penis will be important at the time of erection. The good news is that the Fondlove pump can help develop your cavernous body and magnify your sex.

Use the Fondlove pump daily for maximum results.


  • Efficient and safe physical exercise enhances your sexual ability
  • Soft and safe medical grade silicone
  • Large size electronic screen and precise scale
  • 3 suction levels, with a button to release the pressure.
  • Usb charging which is convenient and fast
  • Low noise
  • Detachable design

How to use

1)Charge the toy (which takes 1-3 hours to fully charge)

2)Apply enough lubricant to the penis and the rubber sleeve

3)Insert the penis into the vacuum tube through the rubber sleeve

4)Start the machine until the penis enlarges, expands to a comfortable state, press the switch key, turn off the machine

5)After the penis has disappeared, press the "-" key to pull out the penis and complete an exercise

6)Open the enlarger, clean the barrel, the motor part is not waterproof, wipe with a paper towel