About Vedoll

Vedoll is a US-based adult marketer with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Opened our doors in 1998, which makes vedoll one of the oldest companies in the adult industry as well. Vedoll loyal customers know they can count on vedoll to treat them fairly, protect their privacy and keep our promises.

Here are some reasons, you would trust in vedoll to purchase :

Vedoll Quality - Vedoll believe that vedoll customers should receive the highest quality sex toys at the lowest prices. We hold on and guarantee the quality of our sex toys, 100% brand new!

Vedoll Price - At vedoll website, you always find the low price. Because vedoll have vedoll own manufacturing units, so it is like direct factory sales.

Vedoll Service - Vedoll have a extensively trained & dedicated team of customer service executives who are always there to help you saving time and money by sharing their knowledge and expertise on sex toys.

Your Satisfaction - To make your on-line shopping experience enjoyable, convenient, speedy and absolute satisfaction is vedoll goal. Vedoll offer 1 year warranty on our products against all manufacturing defects. 

Vedoll  customer service representatives are here to serve you 24 hours a day on weekdays, as well as select hours on Saturday (except on major holidays).  If you have any feedback, complaints or suggestions, please contact our customer support team. 

Vedoll are committed to providing users with practical and affordable products, in order to your feelings we continue to improve themselves, if you have any suggestions please contact Vedoll actively.

Vedoll Care Introductions

Clean the vibrator thoroughly before and after each use with sterilising fluid or toy cleaner.

Do not use alcohol-based products, undiluted detergents or silicone based lubricants on silicone products as this may damage the surface of the products.

Vibrators are electrical and motors may become warm when use. If you feel the vibrator is getting unduly warm, switch off and allow it to cool down.

After use and clean, store vibrators in its own packaging.

Please use vedoll™ original USB cable for charging, as this may damage the vibrators.

Please note! All vedoll™ vibrators can not work while charging.


Not for use by persons under the age of 18. THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S TOY - ADULT USE ONLY

If you are unsure or pregnant - Please consult a doctor before use.

Read carefully the User Manual before use.

This product is classified as Electronic Equipment. Should the time come for you to dispose of this product, please ensure that you do so in accordance with the local Waste of Electronic Equipment Directive and compliance with local laws relating to this directive.

All vedoll™ products are sold as novelty items only.