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3D Particles Tunnel Realistic Anal Clitoris Male Masturbator

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We call this sexy girl Lucy. Lucy, like a real girl, has a very real touch. If you close your eyes and touch her, you may not even know that she is actually a toy. She is even softer than a real girl. Her waist is very slender, you can gently hug her with two hands to bring her closer to you. The buttocks are very round and elastic, with obvious grooves on both sides of the labia. You will also find that Lucy's labia is clearly opened. She seems to have had a lot of sexual experience, and you can safely give her the initiative of foreplay. I think she will know what to do to please you better. Lucy’s labia is full of wrinkles, which is her characteristic. It can rub against your skin during the thrusting process, adding extra stimulation. She has two channels: anus and clitoris, you can freely choose the area you want to conquer. The rugged tunnel can tightly wrap your dick, and the internal passage is full of folds and particles, fully stimulating every sensitive point on your glans and penis. You can't see the internal structure from the surface. You can try to open her body with your hands to find the mysterious area. Or you can use the most direct way to insert your huge penis to experience the different pleasures that different channels bring to you. What are you still hesitating? Take Lucy home quickly! I believe she will bring you an unforgettable night!

Material: TPR
Weight: 2825g
Size: 185*223*130mm

Package included:
1 x Male Masturbator

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