About Adam Eve’s Eden

Adameveseden is the leading sex toy company for over ten years. We have built a trusted and reliable adult toy business that takes customers' privacy and pleasure seriously. Sex should be fun, adventurous, and pleasurable but not at the cost of your health, safety, and lifestyle. That is our brand desire, and it's also the reason why we created Adameveseden!

Our products include huge dildos, vibrators, male masturbators for men, anal toys, sex dolls, BDSM accessories, and other adult products. All our sex toys are for entertainment and are high-quality that help people enjoy their bodies and explore their sexuality safely at home. Unlike other adult stores, Adameveseden is distinguished by its products and offers a "for-return" policy. If you buy our products and are not 100% satisfied, you can get a refund at any time.

We are devoted to exploring more high-quality and safe products. Each of our products is backed by extensive research. The development comes in exquisite and unique designs and uses the latest technology, ushering you to a world of limitless pleasure when it comes to lovemaking. And all these at an irresistibly low price! Get yourself a Sex Toy, blow your worries away, and enjoys pleasure and passion on a new level.

Adameveseden---focus on adult toys!

Adameveseden Care Introductions

Clean the vibrator thoroughly before and after each use with sterilising fluid or toy cleaner.

Do not use alcohol-based products, undiluted detergents or silicone based lubricants on silicone products as this may damage the surface of the products.

Vibrators are electrical and motors may become warm when use. If you feel the vibrator is getting unduly warm, switch off and allow it to cool down.

After use and clean, store vibrators in its own packaging.

Please use adameveseden™ original USB cable for charging, as this may damage the vibrators.

Please note! All adameveseden™ vibrators can not work while charging.

Adameveseden WARNING!

Not for use by persons under the age of 18. THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S TOY - ADULT USE ONLY

If you are unsure or pregnant - Please consult a doctor before use.

Read carefully the User Manual before use.

This product is classified as Electronic Equipment. Should the time come for you to dispose of this product, please ensure that you do so in accordance with the local Waste of Electronic Equipment Directive and compliance with local laws relating to this directive.

All adameveseden™ products are sold as novelty items only.