Women over 50: What to look for in a sex shop?


I believe that after the age of 50, women's sexual life will gradually fade, which is a big mistake. On the contrary, many women feel that they need to have sex with age has increased. This is due to a hormonal explosion. Unfortunately, many times ladies have to deal with situations where their partners are unwilling to engage in intimacy or have no intimacy at all. Therefore, this situation can usually be solved by purchasing sex toys.


Therefore, when going to an adult store, the process of choosing toys very responsibly is important. In this case, 10 priority rules will be created that will help you avoid common mistakes and be satisfied with your purchase. Despite her advanced age, she will satisfy you with pleasant leisure and extend the time of enjoyment.




Let us face reality and admit that it is extremely unreasonable to "dump" a lot of money for expensive sex toys during the difficult times of the economic crisis! Therefore, define a medium price range in which you can spend between $60 and $100. This is to ensure the quality of the toys you buy, and at the same time will not cause regrets in the case of dissatisfaction.




If safety cannot be guaranteed, why buy toys? You need to make sure that the product will not harm you, cause irritation or rashes, allergies or infections. The toy you buy should not be porous, which is difficult to clean. But products made of leather are a safe choice. Another suggestion is to buy toys made of glass or plastic. At the same time, select the last option and make sure they are phthalate-free.




Choose a product that combines multiple functions at once. For example, if this is a vibrator, it should stimulate not only the inside of the vagina but also the clitoris. It is a good idea to buy fake positives with two or more tips that can stimulate the vagina, anus and perineum at the same time and still reach the G point.




The principle here is simple. The higher the quality of the toy, the better the quality. The best choice is silicone products. Not only do they have a long life and are versatile, but they are also easy to clean and hygienic, and they can better convey the senses and feelings. Latex or rubber products leave a peculiar smell and are difficult to clean. Glass or wood are also practical materials, but unfortunately they cannot vibrate and bring more fun.




This rule applies to toys with vibrators. You need to determine the built-in power of the motor. Technical indicators can be found in the description. At the same time, don't rush to conclusions. At the age of 50 and over, you don’t need toys with crazy rhythms at all. This may cause numbness or discomfort. But moderate vibration will help you better focus on and have fun with intimate games.




As you know, there is nothing eternal under the moonlight. This is true even for the best quality sex toys. The most common is that the engine malfunctions. The reasons may vary. However, you only need to trust those manufacturers that are in the leading position in the modern sex product market, and you also need to strictly abide by the rules of after-use care and cleaning toys. Only in this way can the service life of the toy be extended.


A wish


Don't buy sex toys just because you like the appearance. You should be cautious when buying so that the products you buy will bring you pleasure. If the store does not find something that arouses your surprise and desire, it is best to go to another sex shop or wait for an update.




If you live alone, buying sex toys is of course much easier. However, if you are with your family, spouse, or ubiquitous children, then buying such private products has become a problem. What if they find it? What if they suspect that they are vulgar? The rules of prudence and balance must be mandatory. If the product is battery-powered and has a vibrator, try to make the noise from the toy as small as possible. Give priority to small toys that can be hidden.




Pay attention to the packaging bag. Usually, the toy box already describes what is included in the kit. If there is nothing, please consider buying the necessary accessories immediately. Only in this case can you get quality sex. For example, silicone products usually require special lubricants.


If the toy is battery-powered, make sure to have spare batteries. If the battery runs out quickly and the toy is so "greedy", you should consider buying a charger.


Colour and shape


Anyway, for every woman, shape and skin tone are always important. This is an aesthetic issue that slowly flows to desire and fantasy. Don't try to take bright things. It quickly became boring. Preference for toys with natural skin tones. Moreover, every woman should make a choice she likes, and it will bring happiness!