Will adult toys become more and more sensitive when used?


#01 Do I need to buy a vibrator if I bought a vibrating egg? What is the difference between a vibrating egg and a vibrating stick?


Vibrating egg and vibrators are relatively conventional sex toys. Many people will not be able to tell the difference between them, but in fact, they are just like shower gel and shampoo, and they have different uses.


The vibrating egg is small in size and easy to carry. It is generally used to stimulate the clitoris and the vicinity of the vaginal opening. It is more suitable for women with the sensitive clitoris. It is difficult to use the vibrating egg to reach vaginal orgasm. The vibrator is generally a long strip, penetrates the vagina, and can strongly stimulate the vagina. But when used to stimulate the clitoris, it feels "unsound".


Just buy on demand when you choose. However, some vibrating eggs are very different from the traditional vibrating eggs in everyone's imagination.


#02 Why is the anal vibrator specially designed, can't I replace it with a vibrating egg and a vibrator?


Because everyone knows that the anus is relatively tight. After something is inserted, it will be easily sucked in automatically due to the action of the muscles. If you can’t take it out, you will have to go to the hospital...


The anal vibrator generally has a base to prevent it from slipping in, and the base design of the anal vibrator can also massage the perineum to make the stimulation more intense. More importantly, when using the vibrating stick, our hands are in the front, which is very convenient for one person to operate, but the anus is at the back, and it is not easy to operate with the back of the hand. If you use a vibrating stick instead, especially some smaller sticks Great, it's easy to get in and can't get out.


For the anus, most people still play with lubricating fluid to avoid injury. For lubricating fluids, there are two common ones, water-based and silicone-based. It is recommended to use silicon-based, which is more durable, but it is not easy to wash.


#03 Do you need a boyfriend and girlfriend if you have sex toys? Can sex toys replace your partner?


Sex toys and partners each have their own benefits. Sex toys have a vibration frequency that no one can ever achieve. From the perspective of physical stimulation, it is very intense, but the sense of interaction between real people, the beauty of skin dating, and the emotions The joy of mingling, etc., is something that a sex toy can never give.


#04 If I use too many toys, will it affect my sensitivity and make it harder and harder to orgasm?


Like you eat a lot of sugar in one breath, you will feel that it is not sweet when you eat something that is not so sweet, but if you eat it again every few days, it will still be sweet.


The same is true for sex toys. One night, if you continue to use it, you will feel a little numb. For example, the first orgasm may take a few minutes, and the second time it will be more than ten minutes. . It will not change your sensitivity forever.


Besides, we never worry that rolling more sheets will change our sensitivity. Rolling once and rolling once will have the joy of rolling again. Why should we worry that the happiness of the future will not be achieved before this time's happiness is reached?


#05 Will sex toys become more and more sensitive when used too much? Like a pornographic story, it has been developed...


You know the answer to this question when you see pornographic stories, right? Not really.


A more likely situation is that you are more likely to orgasm when using sex toys because of high-intensity stimulation and a relaxed mood, but this is not because you become sensitive to playing with sex toys, but because of the sex toys themselves. The stimulation intensity is strong.


Just like for most people, watching TV is always more fascinating than reading a book, because the excitement of the TV screen is much greater than the excitement of the book. Of course, reading is the joy of reading, and pure physical happiness is just one of the many kinds of happiness in life.


#06 How to persuade the other half to use sex toys together? I think my spouse is quite conservative, and I feel that I may not be able to accept sex toys, but I really want to try it with her.


The first step is of course to speak first, if you don't say how do you know what others think, maybe she has been looking forward to it a long time ago. Pick one and finish rolling the sheets. Hey, when you are happy, let’s say, let’s try sex toys next time, the success rate will be higher.


Secondly, the preliminary proposal can start with a sex toy that two people use together. After all, if it is used by one person, the other person may feel that it is not playing with a sex toy, but being played by you. So you can choose something shared by both parties, such as the cock ring, this way, both parties have a sense of participation.


Once again, like all communication, be prepared that you won't succeed once, don't be easily discouraged, this time it won't work, next time you talk about it, it won't work, it's good to just play your own. Don't force the other person, it will be counterproductive.


#07 When I want to use sex toys, what kind of lubricant should I choose


Silicone toys cannot be used with silicone-based or oil-based lubricants, because they will corrode the surface of the toy, so they can only be used with water-based lubricants. Therefore, when using sex toys with lubricating fluid, only water-based lubricating fluid can be selected.


#08 Using sex toys for the first time, didn't you feel comfortable?


Sex toys are not omnipotent. Many friends have great expectations of sex toys. They use them indiscriminately as soon as they come up. There is no foreplay, and naturally, they will not be happy. Yes, playing with sex toys also requires foreplay. You need to wait for yourself to enter the state before using it. It is best to also match some lubricating fluid.


Different sex toys have different functions, but their sensitive parts are also different. A person whose vagina is not sensitive enough but the clitoris is sensitive may use vaginal stimulation toys to be far less effective than using a vibrating egg to stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, choosing the right sex toy is very important.


Besides, as with all sex toys, just like humans, it requires a running-in process. Most sex toys have a variety of vibration modes. Relax and slowly find the model that suits you.


#09 Can sex toys be used for many years, and how long should they be used to change them if they are not broken?

Most sex toys have a one-year warranty, but as long as they are well maintained, they can still be used for several years. But on the other hand, the silica gel and battery of the vibrator will also age, and long-term repeated use may cause bacteria to accumulate due to incomplete cleaning. It is recommended not to use it for too many years.


What's more, there are so many cute and creative new toys on the market, each of which has interesting designs for different scenes and parts. Don't you want to try it? If you want to change a toy, you don't have to wait until the toy is broken, just because your heart moves.


#10 How to clean sex toys, what should I do if I am always afraid of not washing them?


First of all, it is strongly recommended that everyone wear condoms on all toys that will enter the body, which will be a lot more hygienic. When storing it on weekdays, it's best to put it in a storage bag separately, and don't just put it out to dust off.


But even if you do this, it is still necessary to clean and disinfect sex toys. It is best to rinse them with clean water before and after each use and disinfect them regularly, but do not use boiling water and alcohol. Boiling water disinfection can easily damage the surface material of sex toys and shorten the service life of sex toys. Alcohol disinfection is too irritating and irritating to sex toys and skin.


So the easiest way is to use professional cleaning and disinfection sprays. It will neither damage the material of sex toys nor cause irritation and harm to the human body, and the disinfection is more thorough. If you have time, you can look at more professional cleaning and storage techniques.