Why is prostate stimulation so pleasant?

People know that there are many reasons for the need to stimulate or massage the prostate: first, it is useful, and second, it is pleasant. Moreover, if people still agree with the usefulness of this move, then the situation will be different by penetrating the anus with a massager to get pleasure. Many people will doubt and categorically reject this pleasure. Can the stimulation of the prostate be pleasant and why does it feel?


First, it is necessary to clearly separate the stimulation of the prostate that is performed by a doctor in a medical institution, and the stimulation that can be provided by the hands of a loved one. However, the stimulation of the male "G-spot" is likely to be a novelty in sexual games between partners. In addition, if you do not use your fingers, use special anal stimulators, vibrating massagers and plugs. Of course, all of this, coupled with a gentle attitude and the use of special moisturizing gels and lubricants, will drive anyone crazy. It is important that lubricants and gels are water-based because they contain neutral substances that will not harm your sex toy. For relaxation, you can also use scented candles. Or oil that will increase the romantic atmosphere.


Physiological position


The prostate is a small piece located in the perineum of a man. During the arousal process, its size increases significantly, and a person will experience a strong and prolonged orgasm during direct exposure to this process. In this case, no additional stimulation of the penis is required. This happens not because someone’s genes have an unconventional sexual orientation, but because many nerve endings are concentrated in such small glands. Even the slightest touch or touch has caused an indescribable sense of happiness.


However, if you want to really enjoy a prostate massage, you don't have to worry. Because of the "nerve bundle" here, even the slightest touch can appear strong and deep. Compared with genital stimulation, it is not so easy to control the degree of arousal in this case, and sometimes rush and excessive pressure can cause pain.


The main advantage of prostate stimulation is that it can not only be used as foreplay with your partner, but it can also be performed alone to study your body and improve your skills in obtaining orgasm.


How to stimulate?


The choice here depends on the man's preferences. Initially, your fingers can be used to stimulate the prostate. In the future, you can try more things, such as a prostate stimulator. Its nib is slightly curved, allowing you to massage sensitive concentration, relax your body and mind, and be exciting at the same time. At the same time, the use of stimulators is not restricted-with this product, you can easily have regular sex and get double pleasure.