Whiplash-experience the painful or pleasant of the butt


Flagellation is a whipping of a submissive partner. Spanking can have different intensities - it all depends on the sexual preferences of the intimacy participants. This entertainment attracts many couples, but not everyone dares to try it. And perfect in vain, because flagellation can give partners a lot of positive emotions.


Spanking in bed is not only a mechanical effect on the body, but also a vivid role-playing game. Partners can try themselves in different roles, which will diversify their sex life, make it brighter and richer. Role play reveals inner potential, allows you to look at your partner from the other side.


Where to begin?


Think over an erotic scenario that you want to bring to life. Better to discuss the roles right away. It is the special costumes that will help you reincarnate in a matter of minutes. The most popular and simple options are student and teacher, maid and host, flight attendant and passenger, nurse and patient.


You need to think about who will seduce whom. And most importantly, who will punish. You don't need to write phrases, but it's better to think over the general concept. And after that it is worth going to the sec-shop. In it you can buy a whip , erotic costumes , bondage items... First you need to find everything to implement the scenario. It is not worth saving, it is very important that everything is interesting the first time. If additional accessories make you fearful or uncomfortable, try palm slaps. Discuss the strength of the blow with your partner beforehand. Do not be afraid of traces - pinkish traces will remain from a slap with your palm, which will completely disappear after half an hour. In the future, you can buy a flogger - a whip with a lot of small "tails".


Just hitting during sex is fun, but not too exciting. It is the process of planning, preparation, and then implementation that can greatly diversify intimacy. It's a long process that keeps you aroused all the time, and the results are amazing.


How to flog for the first time?


When a reason for punishment is found, when everything is already at hand, you need to sit comfortably. Ensure a comfortable posture for the submissive partner in advance. The buttocks should be raised. To do this, place a pillow under your thighs or abdomen. The game will be more interesting if partners communicate with each other from the position of "victim and dominant". For example, a submissive partner may beg for mercy, scream, and even break free. Resistance will only increase the intensity of what is happening. But at the same time, you should not strengthen the blows, for a start, not too serious impacts are enough.


Whipping safety rules


Partners should discuss acceptable limits before spanking begins. The dominant should not do anything that the subordinate has forbidden. To stop the game, come up with a stop word. After pronouncing it, the dominant will stop any action. This is a necessary thing in order not to cause too much mental or physical pain.


Do not hit the spine, abdomen and lower back. Flagellation should not cause pain or discomfort. Its main goal is to give pleasure to sexual partners, to give them the opportunity to experience new unforgettable sensations. Spanking or corporal punishment is a game that helps to diversify your sex life. Using this technique is not a perversion, it is just an experiment. And if you like it, there are dozens of ways to expand the experience. You can apply differentwhips and paddles , dress up in different roles and even just change places.