What you need for morning sex

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Even if it's the right light, it's


always clean and tidy, and if it's the first day you stay together, you'll be worried about your swollen face that you see every morning. In fact, it's good if you just swell. It is very embarrassing to show the face that has passed roughly through the eyes and clear pillow marks from the morning. Make sure to adjust the roughness with curtains so that every single pore and wrinkle doesn't look too naked. If there is a blackout curtain in your accommodation, just open it slightly so that it is not too dark. The silhouette is visible, but the details are invisible.


BGM that fits the mood


You can think that the toilet you have to go to as soon as you wake up in the morning is an obstacle to morning sex. It doesn't matter if you're using the bathroom in a spacious house, but if you're in a hotel or a small house where you live alone, you'll be more worried. Whether it's a big thing or a small thing, it's because of the sound that wakes up a quiet morning anyway. It won't be easy to hear the sound unless you're 20 years old or your family. So, the person who got up first plays a calm BGM that fits the mood of the day. The music of the right line is neither too cheerful nor is it said that. If you keep the atmosphere alive, it is natural to kiss lightly as you enter the futon again.


In bad breath management


movies and dramas, couples who had hot sex the night before seeing each other lovingly and kiss each other the next morning. Anyway, in order to be able to bite and suck as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we all need to work in advance. There will be a lot of germs growing in your dry mouth overnight. If possible, it's best to brush and gargle both. If you go one step further and manage your tongue cleanly with a tongue cleaner, it is a gold medal. If you don't have enough time to do so, use cool bottled water to relieve the dryness of your mouth, never open your mouth, and send a signal to the other person just like a kiss. If we know each other's mouths, that signal will suffice.


Indoor Air Conditioning In the


the morning after passionate sex, the indoor air tends to get thicker with the breath and body temperature of inhalation. If you have an air purifier or circulator, keep it running all night. Even if it is not equipped, air management is carefully controlled by adjusting the opening angle of the window. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, it is common sense to keep the windows open little by little. For safe and healthy sex, make sure to ventilate the room so that it is not too airtight.


The alarm is off


There are people who turn on the attendance alarm without worrying about the other party who has fallen asleep. Usually, these people set 15 alarms at a time and only make the other person wake up without waking up. I am careful to touch the phone in a short while, and it would be annoying to turn off all the alarms that sound once every 5 minutes. Let's turn off the alarm for tomorrow before going to sleep so that the night before, the ecstatic sex doesn't go into vain.