What kind of vibrators are there?


The vibrator, as an analogue of the male penis, is a real sales leader in any modern intimate goods store. This product is intended mainly to stimulate the erogenous zones of both the female and male body, and therefore it is rightfully considered a welcome toy in partners' beds. A vibrator is a vibrating electrical appliance that can be of different shapes, colours and lengths.


Based on the size, there are several groups of vibrators :


  1. Short vibrators - their length is on average 10-12 cm;
  2. Medium vibrators - 12-20 cm long;
  3. Long vibrators - 20-25 cm;
  4. Giant vibrators - their length is 30-35 cm.


Also, vibrators are available from different materials: gel, plastic, latex, silicone and sanitary rubber. Vibrators made of gel or silicone are pleasant to the touch, elastic and slippery, they feel like a real body, and when in contact with the skin, they maintain a temperature. The main disadvantage of such products is the need for thorough care.


Plastic vibrators are the cheapest option for satisfying sexual desires. They have a hard surface and are cool to the touch. Latex vibrators are pleasant to the touch, lifelike and keep you warm when in direct contact with the skin. Sanitary rubber vibrators are elastic products that have a soft surface but have a pungent odour, which makes their use completely impossible too soon.


Vibrators made of cyber-skin and cyber-silicone are distinguished separately. These materials are rightfully considered the best analogues of the male genital organ, as they have a porous structure.


Most recently, all vibrators were identical, but today the range of these products is striking in its variety. In particular, this applies to the areas of use of these products.


Types of vibrators


  • Classic vibrators


They differ in simplicity and in appearance resemble the penis of a man in an erect state. Closer to the base, such a vibrator has a vibration motor, which makes it possible to make the process of stimulating erogenous zones effective and intense.


  • Double Impact Vibrators


Products that combine a classic and a clitoral or anal vibrator, due to which the effect is carried out on two erogenous zones at once.



These are ordinary vibrators, at the base of which there is a small process designed to stimulate this erogenous point on the female body.



Such products are distinguished by a slightly bent upward end, which provides constant affection with the desired area.



They are smaller, not too long - about 10 cm and relatively thin. The base of such vibrators is slightly widened, which allows you to control the product during use. It is not uncommon for such vibrators to be used to stimulate the prostate.


For maximum pleasure and thrill, many vibrators are additionally equipped with pimples, antennae and thickenings, which guarantees gentle stimulation of not only the clitoris but also the labia. For fans of original sexual caresses, there are special waterproof vibrators in the form of caterpillars, hippos and ducklings.