What kind of intimate lubricant should I use?


There are many types of intimate lubricants that differ in a wide variety of criteria. However, the main parameter that must be guided when choosing an intimate lubricant is its purpose.


If you decide to buy an intimate lubricant, you need to understand exactly what purpose you are purchasing this product. It is also recommended to take into account such factors as consistency, base, active ingredients in the composition, the presence of potentially allergenic components, additional specific properties, and so on.


In this article, you and you will try to understand the basic rules that should be followed when choosing a high-quality and effective intimate lubricant for sex:


Proper appointment


The main rule is to choose an intimate lubricant for the intended purpose. That is, use only anal lubricant for anal sex, oral lubricant for oral sex, etc. This will warn you against unwanted consequences in the future.


Manufacturer and quality


You should not save on intimate lubricants - after all, this is an important part of your health and the guarantee of its safety. Therefore, pay attention only to the products of well-known, trusted manufacturers that have a wide range of intimate products.


Specialized stores


Buy intimate lubricants in specialized stores: sex shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, where products from the world's most famous manufacturers that meet high standards and requirements are presented.


Smell and colour


Do not purchase highly scented intimate lubricants or lubricants with rich, bright, unnatural colours. Such characteristics indicate the presence of a large number of synthetic components that can have a detrimental effect on the mucous membranes of the genital organs or provoke allergies.


Possible allergic reactions It is


advisable to use intimate lubricants with extracts of medicinal plants only in the absence of allergic reactions.


Your health


If you have an infection, inflammation or irritation of the mucous organs of the genitourinary system, you should consult your doctor before using an intimate lubricant.


Do not use improvised products


Do not use cosmetic cream, petroleum jelly, or oil as a lubricant. All these drugs can negatively affect a woman's health, in the first place - disrupt the microflora.




When planning to use condoms, dildos, vibrators or any other latex-based sex toys during sex, do not purchase grease / oil-based intimate lubricants. they destroy latex.


Comparison effect


Purchase several intimate lubricants with different properties in order to choose the best one for you through comparison.


Expiration date


Please note the expiration date on the packaging.


By following these simple rules, you will know exactly what kind of intimate lubricant to use to make your evening long and passionate!