What is the function of prostate massage?


The prostate is similar to walnut in shape and size. The main function of this gland is to produce a sufficient amount of secretions (semen), which are part of sperm. With the passage of time, due to various reasons, many men begin to have prostate function problems, which will naturally affect the quality of sexual life and may lead to serious diseases.


One of the methods to prevent and treat the function of this organ is to massage or stimulate the prostate. The prostate massage technique has been used for a long time and has been proven to be effective in solving real problems in men. It is very important to use auxiliary tools such as moisturizing gel or lubricant to massage the prostate properly.


What is the function of prostate massage?


First, when a professional perform prostate massage, you can determine whether there is a deviation in the shape and density of the glands. The sooner this deviation is detected, the easier it will be to cure and prevent more serious consequences to the male body;


Similarly, prostate massage will promote the flow of semen, and its accumulation can lead to enlargement and inflammation of the prostate.


With the help of massage, the muscle tension in the prostate area can be reduced, because the mechanical action of this area will cause the contraction of muscle fibres, which means that blood stagnation can be eliminated.


Massaging the prostate can improve blood circulation, thereby ensuring a sufficient supply of oxygen, which is essential for restoring the body.


For prostatitis, massage actions can improve men’s health and relieve symptoms of disease;


An enlarged prostate increases pressure on the bladder, making it difficult to urinate and causing pain. Massage helps reduce the outflow of body fluids and normalize urination.


Although useful, prostate massage is contraindicated in men with the following diseases:


Prostate cancer;
Acute prostatitis;
Prostate adenoma;
Prostatic tuberculosis;
Cysts or stones in the prostate.


In the absence of contraindications, prostate massage can be performed by medical experts in hospitals, non-doctors at home (such as spouses) or the patient himself.


Basic techniques for prostate massage:


Tension and relaxation of the anal muscles. The main advantage of this method is that it can be protected from outside attention at any convenient place at any time.


Use fingers or auxiliary tools (such as prostate stimulation vibrator or strap) to massage directly.


By the way, prostate massage can be an element of enjoyable sex games with your partner. You can also use other elements to increase the fun: nurse's erotic underwear, erection-enhancing lubricant or other accessories. Massaging the prostate will produce the pleasure of ejaculation. Therefore, the person doing the massage here can speed up or "slow down" the ejaculation by applying more or less pressure, thereby regulating these sensations.