What is a vibrating egg?


Experienced players, as well as regulars of sex shops, may know what a vibrating egg is and how perfect it is to use it. However, if you don’t know yet, we recommend that you embark on an exciting journey. At the end of the journey, you will definitely find a happy new face for yourself and your partner.


Vibrating egg - unisex stimulator


The compact device with rounded edges is only about 8cm long and can be used to stimulate the vaginal opening, clitoris, anus, penis and bottom of the scrotum, nipples, abdomen and even neck. In this regard, vibrating eggs is truly remarkable.


It is suitable for both men and women, and in the first and second cases, the small engine inside the device will give people new emotions during classic sex and masturbation.


It should be noted that regular use of vibrating eggs helps strengthen the vaginal wall and restore it after childbirth, thereby expanding the range of women's sensations during orgasm.


Vibrator: What should you pay attention to when choosing?


Be especially careful. Many partners will choose the surface of the vibrating egg. It can be absolutely smooth or soft, leather-like, and completely covered with soft silicone nails. Each of these devices affects your senses in different ways and brings completely different emotions.


The design of the toy itself is also quite cautious:


  • The price of wired vibrating eggs is cheaper, but using them will bring the risk of rope breakage, so enjoy anal fun first. It is recommended to use special equipment with slender and more durable ropes;
  • The cordless vibrating egg will not restrict your freedom in any way, and can make you more free and more convenient to use sex toys. Generally, more expensive models are equipped with wireless remote controls.


How to use vibrating egg?


There are many answers to questions about how to use this unusual device, and your body will tell you some of these questions during sex. With the help of the vibrating egg, multiple areas of interest can be stimulated at a time. They can be used for internal stimulation or external stimulation. In addition, these devices are usually ideal for artificial mouths, dolls, vaginas, rings and penile accessories, etc. More private devices, through powerful vibration, their functions will be greatly enhanced.


How to care?


Like any sex toy, a vibrating egg needs constant care, otherwise, even the best quality equipment will quickly deteriorate and lose its usefulness.


Therefore, before introducing the vibrating egg, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned with a mild soap solution or a special cleaning agent. The same steps must be repeated after use.


Some key points related to the vibrating egg:


  • When cleaning the equipment, do not use aggressive reagents or heating equipment;
  • During the stimulation process, fat-based lubricants cannot be used. It is recommended to choose special methods specifically used to stimulate certain organs, such as anal lubricants;
  • If the mucous membrane of the vagina or anus is damaged, please consult a doctor before use.