What is a lubricant for sex?


There are a large number of sex gels, but before choosing you should consider what you will use them for. You need to understand the types of intimate gels and choose the one that will help enhance your sensations during sex.


Sex gels differ in the basis of their composition - water, fat or silicone:


  • Water-based


Perhaps the most versatile in terms of acceptable types of sex. They are easily washed off with water, do not leave marks on underwear, do not cause allergic reactions, are closest to natural vaginal discharge, do not destroy condom latex and are combined with the use of sex toys. But they can dry out during sex, however, the better the gel, the longer the lubricating effect, even with water-based sex gels.


  • Fat / oil-based


Most often made from vegetable fat or other natural substances. Sex is possible only without a condom! Because they are thicker than water and silicone-based sex gels, oil / oil-based gels last longer and are an excellent choice for erotic massage and masturbation. Cannot be used with condoms and some types of sex toys. fat / oil-based sex gels thin and damage latex condoms, toys, and other devices.


  • Silicone-based


They are a more modern version of water-based sex gels. They contain the same ingredients, however, the water in them has been replaced with silicone - which makes them water-resistant. Silicone-based sex gel won't dry out or destroy condoms and last longer than water-based sex gel, making it ideal for almost any type of sex. Good for shower or pool sex or any type of vaginal or anal penetration. But you must also remember that these sex gels are not compatible with silicone dildos, vibrators and other silicone sex toys.


In addition to the above classification, sex gels are divided according to their functional purpose for all kinds of additives. Additives are typically specific to water-based lubricants:


Scented gels


Add to your intimate life bright colours of tastes and smells that are not inherent in ordinary sexual intercourse. However, sex gels with artificial flavours are absolutely contraindicated for those with allergies.




Prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces, but does not eliminate 100%, the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Such gels for sex are indispensable for people who have a very active sex life and have a lot of spontaneous, fickle contacts. Suitable for anal play, but doctors still urge the use of condoms.


Exciting gels


Used to increase libido, sensitivity and excitability in both partners by stimulating blood circulation and blood flow to the genitals.


Extending/cooling gels for sex Will help prolong the duration of intercourse and delay the onset of orgasm due to the cooling effect and suppression of the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the genital organs.




Due to the presence of cinnamon, pepper and other components in them, they warm the genitals, thereby contributing to the flow of a large amount of blood into them, which increases arousal and sensitivity.


Special gels for men


Sex gels are aimed at increasing the penis. The essence of the effect of various lubricants and gels boils down to one thing - increased blood flow to the genitals, which allows you to increase the penis to its maximum size.


Special gels for women


Thanks to oak extract, they narrow the entrance to the vagina, which is especially important for women after childbirth.