What is a butt plug for?


For many who first entered the section of anal stimulants of any online sex shop, the question of using a plug immediately arises. Why is it needed, because the anus is not a bottle of champagne ... In this article, we will try to figure out why these intimate accessories were invented.


In fact, they are used for several quite practical purposes:


  • Preparing the anus for sex. The muscles of the anus contract reflexively when an attempt is made to introduce a foreign body, in this case, the penis. Hence the pain and discomfort. To avoid this, you can insert a plug into the anus for a while. In 10-15 minutes, the body will get used to the volumetric object inside and the involuntary contractions will stop.


  • Simulates the effect of double penetration. If very few girls like anal sex, then double penetration (on the penis into the vagina and the anus at the same time) is adored by the majority. Another penis inserted into the girl's anus props up the wall in such a way that these areas finally receive increased stimulation, which brings special pleasure. Besides, the vagina becomes narrower, which also greatly exacerbates the sensations. It is clear that not everyone is ready to invite a third, however, similar sensations can be obtained using an anal plug. Also, for these purposes, droplet-shaped specimens are used, decorated with imitation of precious stones. Also, it serves as an intimate decoration and is ideal for two-person games. By the way, due to the narrowing of the bosom, the man will also receive increased stimulation.


  • Prostate massage. Many men after 30 face various health problems, in particular, with a malfunction of the prostate gland. In most cases, this is due to sedentary work, a sedentary lifestyle and bad habits. These factors contribute to the accumulation of mucus and other pathogenic elements in the prostate, which ultimately leads to a weakening of erection and other problems. Often in the form of a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, the urologist prescribes massage. Cork can help with this delicate procedure. For this, men are used - with a bent tip.


  • As an accessory for RPG Animal play RPG is a great way to spice up your intimacy. One of the options for the game is animal play when the image of an animal is taken as a basis. For these purposes, there are plugs with ponytails. Various variations with fluffy tails are especially popular.




Rule 1. Preparation of the anus. As with any anal play toys, using the plug should start with preparation. You can't just take and insert the plug into the anus. Hygiene is of the utmost importance. Food debris passes through this hole, which contains a lot of bacteria, and which will not look very nice on the plug after it has been removed. Therefore, the first step of preparation is the hygienic cleaning of the anus. You can use a regular enema or a specialized shower. After the rectum is cleaned, you can move on.


Rule 2. Use of lubricants. The rectum is tender. Unlike the vagina, there are no glands that produce a protective sliding lubricant secret. Any anal stimulation requires artificial lubricants. There are:


  • Silicone ones for the most part provide better sliding and are preferable for anal sex, but it must be borne in mind that their use with silicone toys is not allowed, since silicone with silicone can react, which will lead to damage to the product.


  • Water slides are somewhat worse, but they are absolutely compatible.


Rule 3. Use of specialized toys. The use of any homemade or generally inappropriate items for such games can be dangerous to health and life. The main difference between anal stimulants and any other is the presence of a wide, pronounced base. ring or other stoppers. Such a design will protect against the ingress of the toy entirely outside the sphincter. This is unacceptable, his muscles tend to shrink involuntarily, a toy that has penetrated entirely inside cannot be removed without medical help.


Rule 4. Correct size. In addition to lubricant, it is important to use plugs of the correct size. They need to be selected based on the individual anatomy and the ability to relax muscles. For example, a girl wants to experience the effect of double penetration, while she is of average height and has no such experience. In this case, it makes sense to start with a cork with a rhinestone of the minimum diameter. When preparing for anal intercourse, the main thing to consider is the diameter of the partner's penis. If it is too large, it is better to purchase several bushings of different diameters (first a smaller one is introduced, and after getting used to its size, it is replaced by a larger one, etc.).


How to insert a butt plug


After applying the lubricant, you can start introducing the stimulant inside. If the plug has a large size or a specific shape, a smaller conical stimulator can be used beforehand. Such ones easily slip inside and after ~ 10 minutes of being inside, the muscles will get used and will be ready for a larger device. It's easier to do it yourself. It will be easier for the girl to synchronize the movements of her hand with the sensations inside, thereby minimizing involuntary contraction of the sphincter muscles and, consequently, any painful manifestations.


Perhaps the partner will also want to carry out this juicy manipulation because such actions with a friend's anus can be very arousing. To make everything go as simple and painless as possible, it is better to try to relax the muscles of the whole body and not just the priests. You can do a general massage. Erotic will work even better - the girl will relax and enjoy. The muscles in the anus relax as orgasm approaches. That is, you can first have regular sex, please the girl by caressing her erogenous zones, oral pleasing, etc., and then insert the plug inside.


You can try plugs for the first time Small beginners