What if a man cannot reach orgasm?


What if a man cannot reach orgasm? While the case is isolated, you can not pay attention, but when this happens systematically, you should not start this business. So why is there a lack of ejaculation (from Lat. Ejaculatio - ejection, eruption)? To understand how to fix the situation, you first need to find the reason. There are a huge number of them, but the most common ones can be distinguished.


Health status


It can be as an infection of the genitourinary system and urinary tract, and hormonal imbalance, such as a decrease in testosterone, but usually the absence of orgasm in this case is one of the many signs of the disease. In this case, you need to contact a specialist who will conduct the necessary tests and prescribe medication. If the state of health has worsened, the visit to the doctor should not be postponed.


Alcoholic intoxication


As you know, the degree greatly contributes to the delay in the body's reactions, including during intercourse. The higher the degree, the less likely you are to cum. Already a feat, if the member got up at all. Here the solution is simple - do not drink before sex or allow yourself very, very little.




Sometimes it happens that due to a long absence of sexual relations, a man has to satisfy his sexual desires himself. As a result, he gets used to a certain rhythm, movement and touch, as a result of which the partner cannot always adapt to the needs of her lover. Then you can try to massage the penis using special stimulating creams for men . If the partner is ready to experiment, it also does not hurt to add a stimulant for the prostate . For the first time, you should choose a small massager to avoid discomfort.


Well, a woman can make her own, so to speak, contribution: during sex, squeeze the partner's penis with the muscles of the vagina. This will help move away from the need for masturbation and will bring pleasure to both. To train these same muscles, you can purchase vaginal balls and work out according to the method of Dr. Arnold Kegel.


Psychological problems


Everyday routine, fatigue and stress can also cause a man to be unable to cum. Even during sex, he is not able to fully devote himself to the process, his head is full of the wrong thing and at the wrong time. In this option, long foreplay with calm music and a relaxing massage, turning into intimate caresses, can help. The main thing for the partner is not to get carried away with the first part, otherwise she risks hearing a grateful snoring.


Decreased sex drive


It is a little sad to realize, but no matter how high the feelings between sexual partners are, if the relationship is long, then sex often "loses its color" over time. Already all the poses have become boring and all the places in the apartment have been tried. Lovers do not excite each other as much as they used to. In such a case, sexologists advise to diversify the sex life.


This is where the edges of fantasy are erased. Each couple can make the most secret desires come true. Role-playing games can be used: dressing up as a nurse, mistress, or even a master. Latex, handcuffs, lashes, anal and vaginal stimulants. Yes, yes, the sexual partner plays the main role here, because, as you know, men love with their eyes. When a woman masturbates and takes pleasure in front of her lover, his arousal will increase significantly and, therefore, the climax will not be long in coming. Sometimes a change in the environment for having sex helps some couples, for example, they need to take a vacation and drive off to a resort, rent a hotel room in their city, or go out into the countryside with a tent. It all depends only on the desire and financial capabilities.


In any case, the problem with the male orgasm can be solved if you do not let it take its course. The very name "sexual partners" implies close collaboration. Lovers should take care of each other's pleasure and health and help if difficulties arise.