What drives men and women to have sex?


Most adults on the planet love sex. But only at what moments does it seem more desirable? It turns out that there are things that dispose men and women to intimacy. Under these circumstances, the desire to make love is maximal! Knowing this list, you can easily control your partner's mood.


Women want sex in the following circumstances


  • After visiting the SPA-salon. Any wraps, body masks, massage make the skin softer and more pleasant to the touch. And the touch of gentle hands helps to relax. You always want to continue this feeling and show off your ideal appearance to your beloved!
  • When the scale shows the desired number. If suddenly minus 3 or 5 kg have been dropped, the shape of the body has changed, then it's time to appear in front of your beloved in full glory. The joy of losing weight pushes girls to feats in bed, so it is worth encouraging them to improve their figure.
  • Purchase of new underwear. Choosing lace or silk is exciting. An image of how he will react when he sees these juicy things will immediately pop up in his head. And the more expensive the kit, the greater the desire!
  • A hot bath helps you relax. And also warm water, gentle foam dispose to fantasies. Just 15 minutes in hot water also causes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs. After this I really want to be in someone's arms.
  • Meeting with girlfriends at which there was alcohol. Almost always there is something to brag about or understand that your man is much better than others. Namely, the understanding that he is good causes a burning desire to kiss him. And of course, it can never end with an orgasm.
  • Gifts from a loved one are very conducive to sex. Even small gifts or a note with a playful caption generate a strong response. Pleasant surprises are the best foreplay, and men who often buy flowers know this very well.


Men for sex are stimulated by other events


  • Victory! A signed contract, a completed project, or even the victory of your favorite team. Achievement triggers an adrenaline rush into the bloodstream, and after that you want to pamper yourself with something special. And sex is perfect in this case.
  • Physical exercise increases desire. When all the muscles feel tension, when there is satisfaction with the activity, there is a slight arousal. And fatigue does not interfere at all, and sex becomes a continuation, and helps to improve the form even faster.
  • Fast driving on a car, motorcycle or even a bicycle. In the process, a certain excitement manifests itself, adrenaline is released into the blood, and this state persists for several more hours. And this is the best time to prove to her that he is still capable of feats!
  • Evening with friends, where women were discussed. Spicy stories over a glass of alcohol strongly excite the imagination. After this, you always want to try something new, and it is in drinking that the most cherished fantasies are realized more often.
  • A casual kiss or hug makes you want sex. Although not porn, it also gives a serious response. And a couple on a pedestrian crossing can cause a very stormy date.


What is conducive to sex for both men and women?


  • The smell of fresh bed linen makes you want to make love. The scent of freshness helps to tune in to romantic caresses. Therefore, it is worth changing your underwear as often as possible.
  • Alcohol liberates and excites. After it, you want not only to talk heart to heart, but also to feel someone else's hands on your body. But only the dose should be small so that the strength is really enough for sexual actions.
  • The aroma of coffee makes you want not only to take a sip, but also to experience an orgasm. If you have enough time and energy for sex, then before the first cup of your favorite drink you should do it "quickly."
  • Talking about sex immediately helps you tune in to intimacy. If people around you talk about sex, it's interesting. And if you talk about it yourself or yourself, then it is doubly exciting. The field of this is definitely worth not being alone in bed.
  • Buying a sex toy is excitement. And the anticipation can be very pleasant. Waiting for an order often turns into a period of maximum sexual activity. Because even thoughts about experiments with an interesting thing do not give rest.


And also each person has their own factors that cause sexual desires in him. Tell us in the comments what makes you bother your partner?