What are vaginal balls?


Vaginal balls are a unique intimate product consisting of two or three balls connected with a cord and designed to train the muscles of the vagina. It is not for nothing that even in the Ancient East, beauties used various home-made toys in order to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and increase its tone because it is precisely such "training" that can give unforgettable pleasure not only to women themselves, allowing them to control their bodies, but also to men.


According to doctors, vaginal balls are able to have a tonic effect on the entire muscular system of the groin area, as well as on the internal genital organs. In principle, exercises with such balls by themselves do not give much pleasure, but if you use them during sexual games, using an additional lubricant or massage oil, then they can be used during sex as a sex toy.


Types of vaginal balls


Modern sex shops offer a wide range of these products, and therefore, conventionally, all vaginal balls are divided into several main groups:


  • Vaginal balls with a displaced centre of gravity;


  • Weighted vaginal balls;


  • Vaginal eggs with and without weighting;


  • Vaginal balls with a vibrator - have a remote control panel, thanks to which you can control the mode and strength of vibration from light to powerful.


Classification of vaginal balls


In the modern market for sex products, vaginal balls of various shapes are presented: egg-shaped, round and oblong. As a rule, the diameter of small balls is only 2 cm, large ones - at least 3 cm. Vaginal balls are made of plastic, latex, cyber skin, medical silicone and elastomer. According to the texture, smooth, ribbed, velvety balls are distinguished, as well as balls, the surface of which is covered with pimples.


What is the effect of using vaginal balls?


In addition to sexual emotions, ranging from mild arousal to the highest degree of pleasure - ecstasy, vaginal balls will help:


  • Develop the ability to regulate vaginal volumes;


  • Bring variety to sex games, making relationships brighter;


  • To master the muscular wall of the vagina, so that it has a beneficial effect on its ability to return to its original size. This is especially true for women planning a pregnancy, or for those who have already experienced childbirth;


  • To experience the brightness of sensations during sex, not only for a woman but also for a man.


A few tips for choosing


When choosing vaginal balls, it is important to take into account that the smaller and heavier the ball is, the more you need to strain the muscles of the vagina. This means that the workout will be as intense as possible. But vaginal balls, medium or small, are most suitable for "warming up" or as a fun sex toy.


If vaginal balls have never been used by you, you have already had childbirth, then for the initial training, it is best to choose a product of a large size and, possibly, with a ribbed surface. This will allow you to keep the vaginal ball inside you and gradually learn to control the actions, squeezing and unclenching the muscles of the vagina.