This kind of wearable remote control vibrator, do you dare to wear it and go out with him?

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Life is always too dull, and occasionally it takes a moment to have fun, but what can be compared to the joy and memory brought by an unprecedented climax?


Today I want to introduce you to this sex toy that can make you surging-wearable remote control vibrator, a vibrator with countless illusions in its appearance.


The wearable remote control vibrating egg is made of silicone material, which is very soft and waterproof. The charging is via a pinhole USB, which is convenient and safe to use.


To say that it is different from other similar products, it is due to its shape design, which allows you to wear it out without worrying about slipping, and it can also give you a pleasant experience of pinching inside and outside. The small butterfly-shaped wings at the bottom are attached to the vagina, and the densely covered bumps can stimulate every sensitive part of the vagina, and it will make you feel numb and weak when vibrated.


The size of the insertable part is just right for most women. The total length is 4.44 inches and the width is 4.37 inches. It can just be inserted into the G point, but it is not too thick and uncomfortable. The design with a wide top and a narrow bottom makes it have a better attachment effect after being inserted, and it is not easy to fall out. It is absolutely no problem to walk while wearing it, and rotation, jumping, and splitting will not affect it.


Moreover, it has a remote control function with a control distance of 39 feet. If you have a boyfriend, you can give the remote control to your boyfriend. If you wear it when you go out, the sudden vibration will be more exciting. Pleasure and shame burst out of the body at the same time, and the surface is forced to be calm. In fact, a pool of spring water has already flooded.


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