Vibro panties - beauty and pleasant sensations!


What can an inventive woman not come up with for her pleasure! Will be able to seduce a man, adapt the means at hand to satisfy sexual needs, does not hesitate to caress himself with his fingers, unnoticed by others ... Now, everything has become even easier! In order to enjoy the pleasant excitement in the lower abdomen, you just need to put on beautiful panties ! Amazing? But this is really so!


Women's panties with a secret


Of course, ordinary bikinis or shorts will not bring sexual pleasure, but thong panties, in which a small motor is built in, will do an excellent job with this task.


The secret of this piece of clothing is very simple: the built-in vibrator creates a monotonous effect on the clitoris and labia, and it is these places that are considered the most sensitive erogenous zones.


It turns out that a woman can experience an orgasm without touching her intimate area with her hands, without needing a man, and even while at her workplace! None of the people around can even imagine that the panties of one of the employees are vibrating. The motor is completely silent, and the dear accessory does not give out its indirect purpose in any way.


What are vibro panties?


• Panties with a pocket for a plastic vibro-bullet.

• Miniature butterfly - thin underwear with straps, in the middle a flat butterfly-shaped vibrator.

• Silicone panties-straps - an original device consisting of dense straps, to which are attached beads of various sizes and a vibrating device.


In order to consider in detail the options for these erotic accessories, you need to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our store. Among the many models presented, you will definitely pick up something for yourself, and perhaps as a gift for a close friend.


Why do women choose vibrating underwear?


Underwear is an essential attribute of any woman's wardrobe. Not only the woman's mood, but also her self-esteem depends on how rich the choice is and how varied the options are. It is pleasant to be in beautiful elegant underwear, a woman is confident in herself and ready for any situation.


Vibrating underwear is an accessory that a woman should buy at least for a change. If your home collection has unique panties with vibration, then you will certainly have something to show off to your friends and surprise your beloved!


Benefits of vibrating clothes


• The accessory combines both a fashionable thing and a funny toy;

• Can be worn directly for sexual play;

• Can be worn every day, enjoying the pleasant vibration at any time;

• Suitable for erotic games with a partner, increasing interest and kindling passion;

• Helps to achieve orgasm during sex, creating powerful stimulation of the erogenous zones.

• Has a completely silent vibration and often has several intensity modes.


Vibrating underwear is beautiful, stylish and very interesting! Just imagine how you sit at a meeting and blush in front of your boss, completely not listening to what he is telling you! You get good feelings, and he is sure that he is so excited about his formidable appearance. Funny, isn't it?


Vibration panties can be controlled in different ways. Sometimes it is a button on the vibro-bullet, and sometimes it is a remote control. You can turn the device on and off or change modes at any time. Remote control options are more expensive, but easier to use.


Panties work with a vibrator from batteries or a built-in accumulator. To enjoy, it is important not to forget to change the charging elements or put them on recharge in time.


The life of a modern woman should be filled with pleasant moments, and thanks to unique panties with built-in vibration, you can fill gray days with vivid emotions whenever you want! Do not be afraid to experiment, involve your partners in this, and then life will turn into sheer pleasure!