Vibrating suitcase: best travel toys


Are you planning to leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? Do you want to leave with your beloved on a romantic trip? Then, in this case, you should consider bringing some sex toys with you. They will help you create a pleasurable travel experience, experiment and make your journey sensual!


But, it would be extremely wrong to throw the first vibrator in the suitcase with things. To get really necessary sensations, to tune in to the right wave, you need to approach the choice of a vibrator and other sex toys with maximum attention. Yes, and don't forget to bring lubricant and/or massage oil with you.


How do I pack my things?


If you have flown for at least the last couple of years, then you know that the current security system at airports has been greatly enhanced. Every baggage that you take with you on the plane must pass through an X-ray emitter. Needless to say about the manual inspection of all things? And, some of your toys, especially those with vibration, can create radiation. And it will not be very pleasant if, in front of the entire public, a sex toy is taken out of your bag.


The same goes for lubricants, massage oils. As you know, there are some restrictions on the plane that set a certain amount of liquid that you can carry with you. Therefore, before going abroad, be sure to ask how much you can carry with you liquid in bottles, what can be transported, and what cannot be brought with you at all.


Batteries. This item is a must for your powered sex toys. But, it is not recommended to transport them in your luggage inserted into the device itself. It is best to bring new batteries with you, old ones can leak than cause serious radiation in the X-ray device. Ideally, pack the new batteries in a separate bag and put them in your bag.


Lubricants and other liquids. All liquids must be transported in sealed individual bags. Never put them in one bag at once. A thorough security check is underway at the airport. Therefore, do not deceive the customs authorities. If there are liquids, be sure to show them. Do not take more than the established norms with you.


Toy cleaner - you will also need it. It is best to choose a small amount in a separate small bottle. This liquid will help you disinfect the surface of the toy, clean it from dirt. All of the above components will be necessary for you, so safely packing your suitcase and wanting to have fun on the way, take them with you!


What toys should I take with me?


Of course, where we go is very important. It is necessary to adapt to pleasure. In some cases, you can take toys with you, which will help you enjoy real relaxation and enjoyment with full baggage of memories. In other cases, toys are needed compact for "quick" and comfortable sex. For instance,


  • Vacation on the beach. Relaxing on the beach involves relaxing in the water under the bright rays of the sun. Therefore, you should immediately think about ensuring that the sex toy you choose is necessarily waterproof. There are always a large number of people on the beaches, so not flashy design and compactness are another priority;


  • Romantic getaway. This is tenderness and affection. Therefore, here it is always worth starting with foreplay - a massage for which it will not be superfluous to take oil. Buy luxurious lingerie and perfume with pheromones on the road for passionate and sensual sex. In such cases, a vibration toy may be the best choice. The presence of several levels of vibration intensity, as well as a remote control panel, are welcome;


  • Business trip. The compactness of sex toys in this case is the main nuance. Invisibility and lightness so that it can be shoved even into a travel bag. It's good if your masturbator or vibrator is disguised as some kind of ordinary object. There are many sex toys today that are housed in a beer can, lipstick, or pen. A feature of such toys is their originality of execution, as well as invisibility to prying eyes.


Of course, it is very difficult to limit yourself to the above places today. There can be many travel purposes. But the most important ones are indicated. When buying sex toys from an online store or sex boutique, be sure to take a closer look at the range. Take your time with the choice. Try to make your shopping as convenient as possible. Those for which you will not be ashamed.


Summing up


Don't be afraid to take sex toys with you on the go. Holidays abroad should not only be in the form of excursions and sunbathing on the beach. Physical relaxation will give you maximum pleasure, and for this you need sex! Of course, if your significant other is travelling with you, then the issue is resolved. But, sex will be much more emotional and enjoyable if you have a vibrator or masturbator with you.


It remains to smuggle it across the border of the customs services. And for this, our above-written advice will be very useful to you. From our side, we just have to wish you a pleasant stay, a sea of ​​delights and a whole sun of hot sensations and sleepless nights together with your little secrets - sex toys that must be with you on the way!