Vibrating rings: a toy for a lovely couple


There is no doubt that modern sex toys can add a little spark to any romantic relationship. But let's take a closer look at them! Unfortunately (and maybe, fortunately) most of today's toys were created exclusively for solo use. The maximum that such toys allowed for the second partner were only a little participation.


And, if now you want to share your pleasure with your soul mate, then you should undoubtedly try to use the new vibration rings. They don't make any separation. On the contrary, they make it possible for both partners to enjoy delicious sex at the same time. No wonder such rings position themselves as toys for couples!


First, let's talk about how these toys make a person feel. The main task of the ring is to reduce the flow of blood during an erection to the penis. As a result, blood accumulates in a specific area. This causes a violent reaction, and the man begins to have a feeling of tightness and pressure in the penis.


But, this is the case with a regular ring. And if we talk about the vibrating ring, then, in this case, the sensation of stimulation of the penis is added to the feelings of the man, and the woman will experience pleasure since the vibrating ring will affect her clitoral zone. Thus, buying such sex toys, bring pleasure to both partners. Isn't it a good deal?


Types of vibrating rings


  • Before making a purchase, of course, you need to understand what types of rings exist today. The first step is to pay attention to the material from which the sex toy is made. The most widespread at the present time are:


  • Cyber ​​leather is a modern material that is soft to the touch and creates a realistic feel;


  • silicone is a hypoallergenic material that is easy to put on and take off;


  • jelly-like polymer - in the process of vibration, they create a special vibration effect, exciting and passionate;


  • flexible polymer is a fairly soft and simple material, inexpensive in price.


Also, when choosing a product, consider the following tips and recommendations from manufacturers:


  • If you want your hands to be free while the ring is operating, then you should pay attention to models with a remote control system. Just turn on the ring and it will vibrate;


  • If you want to use this product not only on the penis but also on other parts of the body, then you should give preference to universal models with a replaceable/removable vibrating bullet;


  • Looking for new, special sensations? Perhaps, in this case, you will be interested in a double ring, one of which wraps around the scrotum and the other around the base of the penis. As a result of this vibration, you will experience vivid and hot sensations;


  • Certain types of rings can, in addition to vibration, create the effect of vibrating waves or pulsations. Try these toys too.


  • Pay attention not only to the power of vibration that will affect your penis, but also your partner's clitoris. Both should get pleasure!


Usage tips


To get the most out of your toy, you need to remember the main thing - tips and instructions for proper use. For instance,


  • Be sure to use lubricants when using any sex toy. The lubricant will help you make sexual contact much more pleasant, more joyful. Vibrating rings are no exception. Well lubricated, they will provide you with a surge of sensations and emotions;


  • If you use a condom, put it on first and then put on the ring. But, in any case, do not put the condom over the device;


  • In order to achieve the greatest sensation, it is best to put the ring on the penis when it is not yet in an erectile stance;


  • In order for your partner to get maximum pleasure from the vibration of the rings, it is better if she is in a dominant position. For example, as a rider. In this case, under the weight of the body, it will be in close contact with the clitoris of the vibrating ring;


  • If the ring prevents you from ejaculating, then you can quickly remove it just before orgasm;


  • For safety reasons, use the ring no more than once every half hour. Remember that blood must circulate freely;


  • And finally, so as not to experience discomfort, remove the part of the pubic hair in the dream where the ring will be located.


We hope that the above information did not intimidate you. On the contrary, these are only recommendations and tips to make your feelings and pleasures much brighter. Vibrating rings are an innovative design that will make your couple as happy in bed as possible!