Vaginal balls: benefit and pleasure


Vaginal balls can rightfully be called a find for every woman and the ability to kill two birds with one stone, which are benefit and pleasure. They originate from the countries of Asia, where their appearance is officially dated to the end of the last millennium, and only concubines and wives of kings, emperors and sultans could use them. At one time, they were made of jade or precious metals, in the shape of an egg. Thanks to the use of such an intimate device, each of the women could increase her status, become a beloved wife and legendary mistress, invoking undisguised envy and rivals. Later, balls for the vagina became an integral attribute of geisha, which to this day are famous for their unsurpassed ability to deliver the most indescribable pleasure to a man in bed. And after they got to "liberated" France at the end of the 18th century,


Now this accessory has become an integral part of the assortment of every self-respecting sex shop and not only. Thanks to this, more and more women were able to have the opportunity to receive special pleasure, improve the quality of their sex life, and win the desired man. Moreover, combining the useful with the pleasant, both for himself and for him. Moreover, the modern sex industry has gone much further and turned this intimate muscle trainer into a real cult object, the possession of which speaks of the special sexuality and sensuality of its owner.


But still, why vaginal ballshave such success and popularity? First of all, it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of the female genital organs. The muscles of the vagina, like any other, can enlarge and stretch. However, this does not mean the ability to own them. For example, regular sex life, or even more so childbirth, can lead to their increase or loss of tone. As a consequence, during intercourse, neither the man nor his partner can enjoy sufficient and necessary mutual stimulation. Moreover, representatives of the stronger sex often take this to their address, which, as a result, leads to their notoriousness, self-doubt, and further split in relations. Of course, such a prospect cannot please anyone, but at the same time, the fact remains. And on how much a woman can take responsibility and make a truly wise decision,


Therefore, if she decides to use balls for the vagina as a means of training her intimate muscles, there can be no doubt about the harmony of relationships and a vibrant sex life. Moreover, their use does not imply any difficulties and discomfort. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity, without making any special efforts, to work on yourself and at the same time to have fun. With regard to a positive effect on overall well-being and a bright, rich intimate life, the vaginal balls provide the following effects:


  • improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which simultaneously serves as the prevention of many diseases of the female sphere;
  • restore the tone of the muscles of the vagina in the postpartum period, and help to return to a full sex life filled with pleasant sensations;
  • increase self-confidence, since every girl, on a subconscious level, compares herself with the ability to give pleasure to a man, just like that, often "depends" on the size of her penis;
  • balls for the vagina, allow you to better know yourself, your body, as well as open new erogenous zones, which in turn, of course, affects how the next sleepless night will pass. Bright and enchanting? Or dull and boring;
  • it is not said in reproach, but often representatives of the stronger sex base their choice on sexuality, and the experience in bed that their partner possesses. And the further fate and happiness of both depends on how much you can actually convince them of this.


But, down with practicality! Of course, she is a very important argument, however, as you know, the key to any success is whether we enjoy what we do. And here, vaginal balls again have all the trump cards in their hands:


  • any training with them, this is first of all a vaginal massage, which, under certain circumstances, can be compared with penetration of the penis, and sex, respectively;
  • you have no limits. You can practice with them anywhere and at any time, and not noticeably to others. Whether it is a trip to the store, a club, or routine office work, they will always be with you, and their easy rolling and delicate stimulation will cheer you up and improve your vitality;
  • some girls who have some practice and experience claim that vaginal balls work just as well as any vibrator or dildo. This means that under certain circumstances, with them you can achieve orgasm. Moreover, the most "sweet" and extraordinary;
  • psychological component. Depending on how confident a woman feels and objectively knows about her capabilities, her popularity with the opposite sex directly depends. After all, all this affects her appearance, the ability to keep her posture and appreciate herself. Charisma, has always been, is, and will be;
  • modern vaginal balls, this is an incredible opportunity to pamper yourself with something new. This is not just a stone egg as they once were. The shifted center of gravity, for especially sensual stimulation, antennae, pimples, ponytails for caressing the cervix, and even more so, the vibration function is exactly what makes this accessory so pleasant and in demand.