Use anal plug to get anal pleasure


Fortunately, anal stimulation is gradually shifting from a lot of the “elite” to the most popular pleasure not only among the vast majority of individuals but also to couples who, moreover, are permanent and have a decent relationship experience. And of course, among all sex toys intended for such fun, the butt plug occupies one of the leading positions in its popularity. It is this intimate device, despite its modest size and seeming simplicity at first glance, that is capable of delivering exactly that pleasure that even its “older brothers”, such as a dildo or a vibrator, are not capable of.


As they say - small but daring. This is the whole secret of such a toy since its main principle of influencing the erogenous zones is - everything ingenious is simple. Whereby. You don't need to reinvent the wheel or buy more expensive devices, to become the owner or possessor of the "maximum" pleasure. So what is the secret of the special popularity and relevance of this baby, from whom almost everyone gets what they wanted and puts her in the category of their favourite toys?


  • Small size. Thanks to them, there are no obstacles to enjoy always and everywhere. Whether it's a handbag, a miniature clutch, or even more so a man's briefcase, not to mention a pocket, a butt plug, you can always be with you. Both for the need for insertion and withdrawal. Because of what, you can not limit yourself to fantasies, opportunities, or circumstances. She will never let you down, will not create difficulties, will not create unnecessary discomfort. Therefore, in all seriousness, it can be called the most faithful and devoted "friend".


  • Versatility. As has long been known, the male and female anus do not differ in their degree of erogenousness, so regardless of gender, everyone can enjoy its presence. But it is especially pleasant when both partners can exchange "pleasantries" and take turns to experience the thrill that is incomparable with anything.


  • Butt plug in the form of a tail. As you know, role-playing games are one of the most striking components of intimate life, which can simply turn all ideas about sex life for the better. Just imagine that a girl, simply by default, is content with the fact that her erogenous zones enjoy special stimulation, and a man has a unique opportunity not only to realize but also to exceed the degree of all, even the most daring erotic expectations. After all, the realism of the fact that you have a real female, whose tail has an organic continuation, not only to drive you crazy, but also to make a woman who allowed herself such a thing, elevate to the rank of perfection, and an ideal lover.


  • Decoration. Butt plugs, without a shadow of a doubt, can be called the most original, exclusive, and original decoration of the female body. And both solo and together with erotic lingerie. Just imagine that between your buttocks, there will be not just an attractive and alluring hole, but a crystal sparkling with all the richness of its facets! Be sure that every man who is lucky enough to contemplate such a magnificent spectacle will forever remain your slave, or at least, the brightest admirer!


  • Simplicity. Thanks to its well-thought-out shape, the butt plug can be inserted flawlessly and simply. Even if there was no lubricant at hand, thanks to its streamlined and thoughtful shape, its penetration will be as simple and easy as possible. Therefore, no matter how limited the amount of time and situation you have, you can not for a second doubt that your plan to seduce a man will be 100% successful!


As it becomes obvious, butt plugs are a special caste and an irreplaceable niche of sex toys that will not let you down in any situation under any circumstances. This is a thrill that will always be with you, no matter where you went - to work, meeting with friends or a romantic date. And if the question arises where to start, then, first of all, buy it. Then, just trust your feelings and desires. But to make its use the most pleasant and comfortable, you should use the following rules:


  • no matter how trained your intimate muscles, you should use a special lubricant, taking into account how it is compatible with your toy. This will serve as a guarantee not only for a flawless introduction but also for further wearing;
  • if this is your first experience, then the butt plug should be inserted in a lateral position, which provides maximum relaxation of the sphincter muscles, and if there is a certain experience, then in any position that is most convenient for you;
  • you always need to be confident in yourself, and not worry about the butt plug falling out. After all, it was created taking into account all the anatomical features and the narrow neck provides a reliable permanent position;
  • as they say - one should relax and have fun, the more knowing that any movement of the hips will bring incomparable pleasure;
  • feeling like you're getting high, even in a public place when others don't know about your little secret, can be incredibly exciting. So take this opportunity and let it become your dominant emotion. Uniqueness and awareness of your special position is a great power! Especially when it comes to having fun.


Well, if we talk about the fact that the butt plug can be supplemented with a fluffy tail, most people just turn on, moreover, both its owner and the lucky one who was lucky to witness such a sight. This instantly turns sex from an ordinary ritual into a plane of role-playing games, and most simply and naturally.


Therefore, you should pay special attention to such an original intimate object, so as not to stop enjoying every minute and every second, as well as to bring a breath of fresh air and original piquancy into your personal life!