Truth and myths about masturbation and masturbators


In the area of ​​sex and sexual practices, masturbation can rightfully be the leader among prejudices, myths, and other "zooms". Sometimes, some of them reach the apogee of absurdity that there is no choice but to laugh or cry from despair. Moreover, 50% of those who practice it are embarrassed to admit it. Looking ahead, I would like to say that such a ratio cannot but frighten, because it turns out that half of those who are engaged in self-satisfaction are embarrassed by this, and try to remove all "suspicions" from themselves.


In fact, 90% of people are doing this, and then, according to studies, which of course assumes a certain margin of error, thanks to which, we can assume that everything is 100%. Moreover, even about half of the men admitted this, who are not allowed by religion or, the position that they occupy in it. In addition, the very process of self-gratification, through stimulation of the genitals or erogenous zones, is a derivative and founder of petting, which differs from it only in that the presence of a partner is assumed, which, as a result, is successfully used by adolescents. And only from this alone, we can confidently conclude that everything natural is not ugly, but at the same time, it dispels all the fictions associated with this. But still:


Myth 1


Such caresses, over time, lead to a breakdown in full-fledged sex life, since the need for it is lost.




Despite everything, the satisfaction of their intimate physiological needs has a purely positive effect on intimate relationships in general. Moreover, it helps a person maintain libido, live without unnecessary discomfort, and generally maintain self-confidence.


Myth 2


This reduces sensitivity and response to petting.




It has been scientifically proven that women who help themselves to reach the peek of pleasure with their hands or using a masturbator, over time, become even more sensitive, receptive to stimulation, and get an orgasm even faster during sex with a partner. From which both become owners of a completely different quality of intimate life.


At the same time, many women note that under such conditions, critical days are tolerated much easier and more painlessly.


Myth 3


Mental disorders.




Masturbation, like classic sex, promotes the production of the hormone "happiness", which helps to adequately respond to stressful situations in everyday life. In addition, such a pleasant procedure before bed makes him calmer, stronger, and more fulfilling.


Myth 4


Premature ageing and poor appearance.




Be that as it may, but solo sex, in its realizations, is no different from sex with a partner. It also stimulates blood circulation, which saturates tissues with oxygen. This, in turn, helps to keep the skin toned, making it look younger and more beautiful. Moreover, no one cancelled the power of the glitter in the eyes and the charisma of a great appearance. In addition, as with any adequate exercise, the muscles of the heart are strengthened.


Myth 5th


Religious component.




For many, the concept of masturbation is directly associated with the word "masturbation", which dates back to biblical times. But if someone delved deeper, then the process itself in this context was not condemned in any way, the whole point was that the biblical hero Onan was doing this in order not to have children from his wife. And the only thing is that he did not want to fulfil his family responsibilities. Nothing more.


Well, the ancient Sumerians believed that the Tigris River, sacred in their culture, appeared after the ejaculation of the god Enka, who did not deprive himself of the pleasure obtained from self-gratification.


Myth 6th


Finally, as the cherry on the cake - hair on your hands or shrinking brain.




Today, it is hard to think that anyone can believe in this since adolescents were last frightened of this in the 19th century, but some parents, oddly enough, do not disdain such a phantasmagoric method as a "healthy upbringing" even now. However, if you use the Internet, you know that the Earth is round, then you live in the 21st century, and accordingly, you understand everything correctly and there is nothing to fear. The only thing that, in Indonesia, can still be executed for this.


In fact, if desired, this list can be continued indefinitely, but in any case, everyone did this, at least every time, especially, even grandfather Freud, considered it a natural and full-fledged part of sexual life. But at the same time, it's not about how such caresses can be made brighter and more sensual. Of course, these are masturbators! Self-satisfaction with the hand is the last century, all the more so even porcupine females have been caught satisfying themselves with chopsticks. And then what to say about a person whose progress is taking place by leaps and bounds?


Fortunately, now there are all the prerequisites and opportunities to make this process the most perfect and exciting. But first of all, bringing maximum satisfaction and fulfilment of expectations from him. It is for this that masturbators were created, moreover, each of them is individually designed for a particular sex, and can more than satisfy all the expectations placed on it.


For women, vibrators and dildos, Vibro capsules, nipple clamps, anal toys fall into this category. Men, on the other hand, realize their needs with sex dolls, artificial vaginas, prostate massagers and other masturbators, which are designed to give a special pleasure, without unnecessary energy or hand movements.


As it becomes clear and natural, the lion's share of se-toys is intended specifically for "solo" games, when you can fully devote yourself to your beloved or beloved, and not wait for the weather from the "sea", but unhindered, and without looking back at someone to realize your sexual fantasies.


You need to clearly understand and realize that masturbators are, first of all, the most reliable, and at the same time, silent assistants, able to exist in unison with you, unquestioningly fulfil any erotic fantasies, and at any second be ready for the next intimacy. Together with them, you can fully and without hesitation reveal your full sexual potential, enjoy without unnecessary restrictions, and, of course, not deny yourself any whims.


In any case, each of us should value ourselves, and how much pleasure he gets from life. Indeed, it depends on how much goodness, happiness, and positive emotions we can deliver to ourselves, others, and the world as a whole. Therefore, it is worth getting rid of all unnecessary prejudices and breathing deeply. Moreover, we should be proud that those whose masturbation has become a temporary or permanent part of their lives have an individual holiday - May 7!


So it is worth discarding all extraneous thoughts and imposed prejudices, and trusting your feelings, which are designed to help you take your true position in life, be self-sufficient, and not dependent on extraneous, destructive opinions!