The most ideal length of sex for women


The ideal time for sex? Sex should last for 1 hour 34 minutes 22 seconds. It's a joke. There is no specific definition of sex time, but people tend to believe that long sex is better sex. 'Marathon sex' is good to do when testing how much sweat you can sweat. If you're enjoying a balanced sex life, sex that ends quickly can be more enjoyable. Just as there are many types of snacks, such as candy and ice cream, not everyone needs to be obsessed with long sex'.


There is no ideal time for sex, but in 2005, the Journal of Sexual Medicine surveyed several sex therapists for their opinions on the duration of sex. They divided the duration of sex into four categories:'adequate, too short, too long, and ideal'. They rated the insertion time as too short' when the insertion time was about 1 to 2 minutes, and too long' for 10 to 30 minutes. They answered that the adequate sex time was 3 to 7 minutes and the ideal sex time was 7 to 13 minutes.


Preferred insertion sex duration is 5-10 minutes


It is not easy to get data about the duration of sex enjoyed by ordinary people. I'm not going to take the time to have sex. Measuring time is a difficult task, especially since there are tens of thousands of ways of sex. For example, some people only accept insertion sex as sex. (Most research also focuses on insertion sex.) However, this method is not effective. Insertion sex is not applicable to homosexuals, and in the case of many women, insertion alone does not give them an orgasm.


So I asked a few women about the ideal duration of sex. With a few exceptions, I preferred 5-10 minutes for insertion, and foreplay responded with a longer time. One woman said that 10-15 minutes of foreplay and 10 minutes of insertion were ideal. “I think I am a little impatient in bed. Or maybe you haven't met someone who wants to spend more time.” Another woman said: “It may seem a bit short, but to be honest, I think 15 minutes of foreplay and 5-10 minutes of insertion are ideal.” Another woman said: “I usually like 15-20 minutes of sex, of which 25% of the time is enough for insertion.” Three women responded that an hour of foreplay was best for their ideal sex time. It will take a lot of effort, but if you like them!


82% feel bored during sex


People always say they want to have sex longer. Everyone, I interviewed informally responded that they felt like having sex shorter than average. They all said the average duration of sex was 5.4 minutes. We try to deceive ourselves about the duration of sex, without making it that long. Even those who are satisfied with their sex life. Of course, I'm not saying that short sex is better. However, from Twitter's questionnaire survey, we were able to get the following answers: “Have you ever felt bored during insertion sex, or wished it end soon?” Of the 819 participants, 82% said yes. I know the reason for the answer. Because I've also done so. I've even gotten bored during insertion sex, thinking about car registration taxes, or the fact that Joan Cusack has never starred before.


According to a Twitter survey of 2,380 people, 61% of them (excluding the foreplay time) said they enjoyed 5-10 minutes of intercalation. 26% said they wanted to do it longer than 11 minutes. However, most people didn't think long insertion times were better. So you don't have to cling to the time of useless sex anymore. According to one study, it is much better to try several new things than to try to lengthen it unconditionally. Additionally, the study advises that when each other tries more sex acts, it can give everyone a big orgasm. Sex is more than two positions gives women more satisfaction than men, but men can also achieve great satisfaction. Now we have to have better sex rather than long sex.