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  • What is a male vibratory penis ring?

    Any type of sex toy can add a little spark to any sexual relationship. But let's face it: most toys are primarily designed for stand-alone use. However, if you want a toy that can really be shared, then you will definitely want to try a vibrating penis ring.
  • Why do exotic male dancers wear penis rings?

    A few years ago I knew an exotic male dancer who used a penis ring on his penis. I think this is one of the things they all do. Its purpose is not to maintain proper hardness for exotic male dancers.
  • Professional Male Penis Extender 12 Rings Function Introduction

    Por 12 rings the penis extender is designed to keep the bulb in place while it is used. Por 12 rings extender can effectively increase the length of the penis, keep it longer and stronger.
  • Do women like male penis rings?

    Penis rings can do more than just fun for men. We reveal for you how the "Rooster Ring" became a real brilliance!