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  • How To Choose A Lubricant For Your Purpose

    LUBRICANT IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, A useful element of any sexual practice, regardless of the gender of the partners and the stimulation they prefer. However, there is no universal remedy: it all depends on how and for what purpose it is planned to be used, as well as on the compatibility of materials - some lubricants can damage condoms or sex toys. 
  • How To Use Anal Sex Toy And Stay Alive

    ANAL SEX HAS TRADITIONALLY BEEN HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL - not surprising given that many are used to being guided by images from porn instead of realistic instructions . 
  • How to choose anal toys for fun, not problems

    And one more thing: never use the same dildos for anal and vaginal sex. The anus and vagina are two separate ecosystems and it is important that they do not exchange bacteria.