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  • Backyard Flowers: 10 comfortable anal positions

    Anal sex is also sex. If you like it, then we have prepared more than ten positions to make you feel comfortable, but there is no other way than happiness.
  • Anal toys are easy to use

    Anal toys have long been a taboo topic in most societies. More and more people are exploring and enjoying this nerve-rich and particularly sensitive sexy zone.
  • How To Choose A Lubricant For Your Purpose

    LUBRICANT IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, A useful element of any sexual practice, regardless of the gender of the partners and the stimulation they prefer. However, there is no universal remedy: it all depends on how and for what purpose it is planned to be used, as well as on the compatibility of materials - some lubricants can damage condoms or sex toys. 
  • How To Use Anal Sex Toy And Stay Alive

    ANAL SEX HAS TRADITIONALLY BEEN HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL - not surprising given that many are used to being guided by images from porn instead of realistic instructions . 
  • How to choose anal toys for fun, not problems

    And one more thing: never use the same dildos for anal and vaginal sex. The anus and vagina are two separate ecosystems and it is important that they do not exchange bacteria.