Sex toys for virgins


In the modern world, virginity is a unique phenomenon. And there are girls who dream of keeping it until their wedding night. But in anticipation of defloration, they can be overcome by sexual desires, which are very easy to satisfy with the help of sex toys. There are dozens of things that can give pleasure without damaging such a valuable hymen.


1. Vibration stimulators


Vibrating toys are designed to stimulate erogenous zones. They can be used primarily for the clitoris. There are a wide variety of models that are able to give very bright clitoral orgasms without depriving a girl of her innocence. For example, the LE WAND massager can make life much brighter. It is battery operated, multi-mode, and ideal for unforgettable enjoyment. Visually it looks like a regular massager, and you can massage any zones with it, it is suitable for recovery after training and serious physical exertion.


You can buy a vibrating massager ImToy Gazella, it is made of hypoallergenic silicone, and visually resembles a child's toy. But this little thing was created specifically for sexual pleasures. The special attachment is ideal for fondling the clitoris, the ears gently massage it on both sides, causing a powerful response. Or a mini vibrator in the form of mascara or lipstick is suitable for a virgin , it can be used even in the most unusual circumstances, for example, at work or school, and it fits easily into any cosmetic bag.


A great solution for a virgin can be a butterfly clitoris stimulator . This device can be conveniently positioned on the most intimate parts of the body using the straps, while keeping your hands free. A convenient remote control allows you to increase or decrease the impact depending on your desires, which gives an unusual and vivid sensation, but at the same time virginity does not suffer.


Vibro panties can also be a great thing for a virgin . They are equipped with a special pocket for a vibration bullet. It stimulates the clitoris, giving unforgettable pleasure. Remote control, you can turn on the toy at any time, and others will not even notice this device.



2. Anal toys


A virgin can also get pleasure with the help of anal stimulation. Even the introduction of large objects will not damage the thin hymen. But it's worth starting with toys for beginners.


Butt plugs allow you to feel the state of fullness. They can be of different sizes, for experiments it is better to purchase a set of anal stimulants of different diameters . Using them one by one, you can find the most suitable option.


Anal vibrators are also suitable for virgins. They have an anatomical shape that allows you to feel gentle penetration, and movements with different intensities help you experience the highest bliss. The peculiarity of such toys is in special restraints, which do not allow placing the device too deep. It is recommended to use them with a special lubricant that will prevent the appearance of pain.



3. Electrical stimulation


Exposing the body to an electric current can be very exciting. Micro discharges make the process very sensual and vivid. The line between mild pain and pleasure is so thin that electrical stimulation allows you to look at sex in a new way, to feel sensitivity in the most unexpected places.


Using gloves with Myostimulation - Magic Gloves, a virgin can touch various parts of the body, feeling the effect of the current. It can be barely noticeable, similar to massage effects, or it can be quite strong, simulating soft tingling. With this sex toy, you can stimulate the breasts and nipples, abdomen, clitoris and other sensitive areas.



You can also use an electrostimulator - Shock Therapy . Special attachments can be placed even in unexpected places, for example, on the calves of the legs or even on the back. With the help of a convenient remote control, it is easy to adjust the intensity of exposure, which gives new sensations. Such a toy allows you to open a huge number of erogenous zones on the body, "wake up" them, which helps the girl to explore herself and find the maximum number of ways to please herself.


Virginity is not a reason to deprive yourself of the joy of sex. And a huge selection of intimate goods will allow you to experience pleasure without penetration.