Sex Toy Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Dildos


A dildo is a product that truly simulates an erect penis or a penis sex toy that is not real. The first dildo was made thousands of years ago, when people used bones, stones and wood as raw materials. Today, dildos are still the most popular.


Dildos are mainly used for vaginal, anus or oral penetration. If the dildo is equipped with suction cups, they can be connected to any flat surface such as a table or glass, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of different postures.


How to choose the right dildo?


When choosing a dildo, you need to pay attention to its material and decide how to use it. The size, relief, shape, flexibility and needs of the suction cup depend on the method of use you choose.


The safest and most comfortable toy material is silicone or medical silicone. Dildos can also be made of metal or tempered glass, which are hard, extremely slippery and highly hygienic materials. Dildos made of PVC, vinyl, and TPE are not safe to use because they can cause mucosal irritation and allergic reactions. It is recommended to use only dildos made of this material in combination with condoms.


More is not always better! Small and medium dildos are most commonly used for vaginal or anal stimulation. You should choose a big dildo only if you already know that your body can accept it. This will produce a pleasant feeling.


Dildos with suction cups are considered the most versatile because they can be used in all possible ways: in the hand, attached to a different surface or tied to a belt.


For vagina


The G zone (the sensitive area 5 to 8 cm deep on the front wall of the vagina) is most easily irritated with a curved dildo. A completely straight toy may slide through this important pleasure zone and feel uncomfortable.


The most sensitive part of the vagina is the entrance (the first 2-3 cm). In most women, the vaginal wall is not sensitive. Therefore, do not choose sex toys with threads. A dildo with a pronounced thread effect can cause unpleasant friction and irritate the fragile mucosa. If you want to use a threaded dildo, it is only suitable for situations where threads are known to bring pleasure. It is also worth mentioning that toys with threads inside will feel larger than they look.


Using a dildo does not always mean penetration. Dildos of any shape can be used for friction (rubbing the genitals against objects) and external stimulation of the vulva (external female reproductive organs-labia, clitoral glans). Simply placing the dildo in the vagina, combined with the stimulation of the clitoral head, will be particularly pleasant. This will give a feeling of fullness, allowing the inside of the clitoris to embrace the toy when awakened, thereby stimulating the maximum number of nerve endings.


For anal


Any anal toy should have a restraint at the bottom so that it does not slip deeper into the rectum. This plug is like an anchor, fixing the toy at a safe depth. The constraining part of the dildo can be like a sucker, or in the case of a real model, it is the scrotum, which does not allow the dildo to go deeper than necessary.


Anal dildos can be curved or straight. The curved option will stimulate the male prostate-which is not only pleasant, but also good for health.


The anal sphincter is very sensitive. Therefore, for anal stimulation, it is more interesting to choose toys with grooves, protrusions or waves.


Glass and metal dildos are best for anal sex. They are as hygienic as possible because they have the lowest porosity-they are easy to clean and do not accumulate body fluids, fragrances and lubricants. All types of lubricants, including silicone-based lubricants, can be used in glass and metal toys. It is a silicone-based lubricant recommended for anal games because they can slide for a long time without drying out or being absorbed by the skin. This is especially important because there is no natural lubrication in the anal passage.


Use skills


Any dildo should always be used with lubricant. Silicone dildos can only be used with water-based lubricants. Glass and metal dildos can also be used with silicon-based lubricants.


The following substances are not lubricants and should not be used in intimate games: cosmetic oils or moisturizers, baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, other cosmetics and foods.


remember! A dildo is different from a vibrator. The dildo is a completely manual toy-you can perform all actions. He won't vibrate or move on his own-don't expect him to do all the work for you!


If you want the dildo to be inserted into the vagina without moving to achieve orgasm, you need to stimulate the clitoris, oral cavity, or anus at the same time. The monotonous sliding in the vagina is also unlikely to lead to the realization of orgasm, because the anatomy of female pleasure must be considered-the vaginal wall is not very sensitive. In most cases, to enjoy the penetrating use of a dildo, you need to stimulate the vaginal opening, G-spot or cervix. Similarly, during anal stimulation, you should pay attention to which movements, tilt angles, speeds and other stimulation parameters are the most pleasurable. To be happy, the most important thing is to try, influence different sensitive points in different ways, listen to your body's feelings, and communicate frankly with your partner. No one is born an expert in using sex toys. However, learning to give and enjoy is the most enjoyable learning you have ever had!


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