Sex Tips Using Furniture


There is no law that you must do it only in bed. On the dining table, on the sofa, on the table in the living room, in the dressing room, in a variety of geographic features.


Desks If


possible, put away expensive items such as laptops, cameras, and speakers in advance. Still, it doesn't feel like a desk with anything. Depending on the person's taste, it may be helpful to open and watch some pages of a novel or magazine. The large area in front of the desk is actively utilized to prevent accidents where the buttocks touch the sharp corner of the desk. It is most stable for the other person to lean forward while holding the desk in their hands and try to do the posture.




not good if the sofa is too soft or too hard. Moderate fluffy is essential. It's wise to put some fabric on a leather sofa in advance, as sweat can make it uncomfortable when it slips. The sofa is a substitute for a bed, and it is easy to try any position, but the problem is the weight of the sofa. If it is too light, there is a high probability that it will move significantly during the piston movement. If you lose your balance even for a moment, you may be injured, so it is recommended to move the sofa by yourself first and then lay the other person on your stomach.


At the table


it’s not like you suddenly have sex while eating, right? If there are items with a high risk of breakings, such as flower pots, glass cups, and utensils on the table, don't even pay attention to them. The table is also the most stable in the junior position like a desk, but if the table is about the height of my waist, it is possible to put the other person on the table and insert it in the normal position. You may hate that the other person touches the cold table with bare skin, but the atmosphere doesn't live up to a blanket like a sofa. It is wise to heat up the mood through kisses or foreplay. Try to assess the height of the table in advance and challenge yourself.


Before the lover who went to wash the bathroom first comes out, there are people who are in a hurry and follow. At this time, the sink would be the most noticeable, but it is more fragile than expected. Rather than lifting the other person and seating it on the sink, it is recommended to choose a rear position to hold the sink and support it. As you can do it while looking in the mirror, it can be a choice of one stone or two.


TV table is


just good. It means that it's just the right height for you to sit on top of it and try oral sex with your legs apart. If you have a long TV table on the side, you can use the empty space on each side, and if the table is intended to only place one TV on the side, boldly put the TV down on the floor for a while. When the foreplay is over, the insertion will be done on the floor just below the table, so check the material of the floor in advance. If you have a marble floor where the skin is easy to rub, you should also bring a blanket or fabric.


Coffee table


The atmosphere is different if it is a table placed in the living room rather than a table placed for eating. If it's a low-height coffee table, you can try to get to the top with the person lying down completely on top of it and feeling a little floating. If the table is of some height, you can make a deep insertion with the other person's legs on your shoulders. All positions are possible, but again, it is essential to check that the height of the four legs of the table is well-matched and sturdy.