Sex machines - pleasure without boundaries


A sex machine is an opportunity to receive erotic pleasure without effort. This is a device that can satisfy any sexual urge, and even hands will not be involved in the process. Modern models are compact, convenient and allow you to use a huge number of attachments.


The history of sex machines


It is not known exactly when the first sex machine was invented, but similar devices already existed in the 19th century. You can see one of the most ancient cars, created at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the "Museum of Erotica" in Barcelona. It is a metal chair with a slot in the seat. And a metal phallus is comfortably located in it. Under the influence of electricity, the toy made translational movements. The chair had several attachments: for arms, legs and neck, they were necessary so that the woman did not break out during use. Today this machine does not function, it is only an exhibit.


There is a museum of sex machines in Prague, where you can see a wooden swing. They also have slots in the seats. Girls sat on two sides of the swing, and in the process of raising and lowering the device, artificial phalluses penetrated their womb. Children's play has become a unique pleasure device without even using steam or electricity. Initially, cars were made of wood and metal. To activate the mechanism, you had to pull the handle. The speed of movement of the nozzle depended on the intensity of hand actions. But in the future, the devices were automated and improved. Since the 80s of the twentieth century, the mass production of sex machines for individual use began. Today such things are produced in the USA, Germany, China and even in Russia.


Modern sex machines


Convenience is considered important in using sex machines today. That is why most models make it easy to change attachments. The sex machine becomes a versatile toy, because you can attach a phallus or an artificial vagina to it. At the same time, they will move at the desired speed, performing from 70 to 400 frictions per minute. Some machines allow you to use two nozzles at once, this is convenient for double penetration.


Modern sex machines consist of a base, a phallus holder and a mechanism that sets everything in motion. Usually the movable part can be installed at different heights. This is very convenient if the user wants to sit on a bed, table or other surface. The height can vary from 15 to 150 centimeters.


The angle of inclination of the moving part also changes. It can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at any other angle. That is why you can use a sex machine while lying down, sitting or even standing.


For ease of use, even the length of the frictions is adjustable. The phallus can protrude forward at a distance of 4 to 15 centimeters. This function sets the penetration depth. But usually, it is impossible to change it in the process of getting pleasure. Adjustment is made after stopping the moving mechanism.


But the speed of movement and the sequence of frictions can be controlled using the remote control. It can be remote or on a long cord. Most modern sex machines are very compact and can be folded up and removed at any time. Models with inflatable couch only take up a lot of space, but you can also pack them in a small package, but this will take time.


Who should buy a sex machine?


Interest in sex machines is increasing every year. They are bought not only by single people seeking pleasure, but also by couples who are ready to experiment. A sex machine allows you to diversify your sex life, gives you the opportunity to experience multiple orgasms and discover new facets of sensuality.


According to customer reviews, a sex machine is a very convenient purchase. When used, the hands remain completely free, they can stimulate other erogenous zones, which makes sex more vivid. And the car never gets tired, which is especially important for some couples.