Sex during pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most wonderful and long-awaited period for every girl, at this moment she becomes more careful and attentive to her health, but what to do with physical needs and overcome moral fear, we will analyze in more detail ...


Most often, the absence of sex during pregnancy is not a prohibition doctors, but the personal fear of the girl. Fear should be absent, the moderate instinct of self-preservation, or rather the preservation of your child, is enough. Pregnancy is not a disease! Girls, remember this as "our father" !!


Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?


I don't know if this will surprise you or not, but refusal to have sex during pregnancy exists only for ONE reason! And this is a strict doctor's ban. Everything else is of the type: during sex we interfere with the child or the child feels everything - these are your personal excuses.


But if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then sex is even useful, it stabilizes the woman's morale, strengthens the relationship with her husband (which is important !!!), prepares your body for childbirth. During sex, blood circulation increases, and this is beneficial for the unborn child. And the most interesting thing is that sex gives pleasure not only to you and your partner, but also to the child, since during sex the walls of the uterus contract, which is a training for contractions, and it is this process that will give your child a lot of pleasant emotions. Sex cannot cause miscarriage at any time. And many obstetricians recommend increasing the amount of intimacy during prolongation, as this is the safest and most enjoyable way to bring labor closer! Of course, toxicosis and weakness can become not a big problem, at this moment the desire becomes less. But this disappears after a while and your libido will return to normal. The main thing is to remember a few simple rules and the road to the most pleasant sensations for you will definitely not be closed:


  1.  Strictly observe the rules of intimate hygiene.
  2.  Do not have sex with a partner when there is the slightest likelihood of contracting any genital tract infection.
  3.  Do not have sexual intercourse with a new sexual partner.
  4.  Do not have sex if there is even a suspicion of an inflammatory infection of the genitourinary tract.
  5. Penetration of the penis should not cause discomfort and pain in a woman.
  6. If pain, burning and other unpleasant sensations appear, intercourse should be stopped.
  7. Optimal positions during sex are: a woman on her side, in the knee-elbow position or on top, a man behind.
  8. Give up hard and exhausting sex.
  9. Do not use drugs to enhance libido and sensitivity , flavored and allergenic means for intimacy.
  10. Do not have sex with bleeding and spotting from the genital tract.
  11. The appearance of bloody discharge during intercourse requires interruption and a visit to a doctor.
  12. During oral sex, air should not be blown into the genital tract of a woman, as this can cause embolism (air bubbles entering the bloodstream).
  13. You can not have sex with leakage of amniotic fluid.
  14. If a woman has a predisposition to miscarriages, then sexual intercourse is possible only after consulting a doctor.
  15. Avoid active caresses of the nipples (the only exception can be situations when they are recommended to stimulate labor at 40-41 weeks of pregnancy), since they can cause premature birth or miscarriage.
  16. Sexual intercourse in the last days of pregnancy may result in childbirth, and the couple should be prepared for this.


What positions are acceptable for sex during pregnancy?


Girls, and here you and I can say nothing is changing, of course, about the poses where something presses on the stomach, we forgets, but everyone else continues to practice. Riding pose, on the side, knee - elbow, on the knees of a man, lying on his back on the edge of the bed ... All these poses and believe me there are many more you will either learn (if you have not practiced before) or improve your skills in them.


Oral sex during pregnancy is not contraindicated, and the couple can practice it with success. And in the case of a ban on vaginal sex, this may be the only way to remind your man that you still love and want him. For oral sex, you can use flavoring lubricants, they do not contain sugar and will not cause toxicosis.


The main thing here is not to forget about some of the rules:


  • 1. You should not engage in oral sex if a woman has contraindications not only to orgasm, but also to sexual arousal.
  • 2. During cunnilingus, air should not be allowed to enter the genital tract of a woman, since this can cause air to enter the bloodstream with severe complications for the fetus and mother.
  • 3. It is necessary to carry out intimate hygiene procedures more thoroughly than usual.


Anal sex during pregnancy


Most doctors do not recommend having anal sex during pregnancy. During this period, a woman's blood vessels, under the influence of changes in hormonal levels, become more permeable to pathogens of infectious diseases. Due to the fact that the vessels are dilated, the risk of hemorrhoids, bleeding and inflammation of the anus also increases. If the couple still decided to have anal sex during pregnancy, then the man should conduct a thorough hygiene of the penis during the transition from anal to vaginal sex. If this rule is not followed, a pregnant woman may develop bacterial vaginosis - a possible cause of miscarriage, rupture of the membranes of the fetus or premature birth.


Do I need to use contraception for sex during pregnancy?


And here your man can be glad that you can finally give up condoms , if, of course, you have a permanent one and are sure of it. Otherwise, we continue to spend money on condoms .


Sexuality during pregnancy


Pregnancy makes a girl unusually beautiful and even in the very last stages you can look very sexy! Don't forget to pamper your man with nice and sexy looks. You can buy yourself a baby dollar shirt or a high-waisted one . Put on stockings and believe my experience it will not resist.


Buy candles, turn off the lights and your man will be happy about your pregnancy.