Introduction of sex dolls of different materials


Sex dolls, like girls, are different, black, white, red. However, if without irony, then the choice here is no less acute than in the search for a life partner. The only difference is that the rubber woman has no "character", is extremely obedient and always unquestioningly ready to please. However, such intimate goods can be intended not only for men but also for girls, because sometimes, "jumping", even on a silent guy, is much more interesting and exciting than feeling only a vibrator in oneself. In this case, new emotions are added and sexual needs are realized to a greater extent.


Every year, the segment of these toys in adult stores is constantly increasing. At the same time, their quality, assortment, expected capabilities, and of course, their realism are steadily growing. As for the latter, this is most noticeable in the LUX category, where at times, a sex doll can be practically indistinguishable from a real person, until I personally see it for myself. Nevertheless, the demand for both does not decrease, but on the contrary, it is growing. But at the same time, the choice becomes more complicated. Indeed, among such a variety, it is not difficult to get confused, but you always want the purchase to be correct and bring exceptionally pleasant impressions.


First of all, you should pay attention to your preferences and addictions in your intimate life. It's about which sex you prefer to enjoy, both physically and emotionally, and which is the most satisfying. For example, vaginal, classic, or oral. It is important to decide on this first of all, so one rubber doll may have one or two holes for proximity, and the other, universal all 3. Moreover, this may not always affect the price.


Next, ask the sales assistant if your potential "young lady" has such a pleasant addition as a vibration function that can increase the level of pleasure obtained several times, special, supplemented by bulges, antennae, pimples, etc. the surface of the intimate organs for especially sensual stimulation, or, for example, a water reservoir. Having filled the latter with warm water, you will have the illusion that with you, a real girl, ready to warm her body with the warmth and fulfil your every desire.


If there is a certain fantasy or unfulfilled desires, it is worth knowing that a sex doll can be performed in the image of your favourite porn actress, have not only similar forms to her, but also anatomically accurately repeat the appearance and size of her genitals. Agree, more recently, this could only be dreamed of, but now, nothing is holding back the flight of fantasy. And most importantly, sex with the object of one's adoration, even in this way, is more than possible and accessible.


Also, find out the load limit. Each artificial girl, like the real one, has her own physical characteristics. And if you are a giant not only in sex, then there is a possibility that there is an opportunity to literally crush her, especially in the heat of violent passion. Therefore, it is also recommended to clarify this point before a successful purchase.


For the fair sex or people with a non-standard orientation, a rubber man is perfect. He can act in both active and passive roles. In addition, it often becomes the acquisition of married couples to bring a certain variety or men who could not find a real partner.


And, of course, the material. A rubber woman is a very relative and common noun. Yes, once they were just that. But now, the choice has become much wider, and with it, the quality of the return that you get from the toy during joint fun. At the same time, it would be completely unfair and wrong to say that some are better or worse than others because everything has its own advantages.


Vinyl sex dolls are perhaps the ancestor of all the others. At the same time, it is quite affordable in terms of price. As a rule, these are inflatable toys, which is an important argument for those who are going to hide them in a closet or are on frequent trips. And all that is needed to please yourself is simply to pump air inside (quite often the pump is included), and after the minutes of joy received, let it down.


Such devices have a rather schematic resemblance to a person, without taking into account small details, and the face is made in the form of a photo print or drawing. However, this does not prevent such a toy from confidently continuing its victorious march, and winning more and more new fans.


The imitation of a woman made of silicone or latex already looks more like the original. She is quite pleasant to the touch and quickly acquires body temperature. The face is even more realistic, and the genitals can be made of cyber skin, which has impeccable tactile characteristics and a real breakthrough in the sex industry.


And finally, a pleasure for the elite! Some babes cost as much as they look. Today, such a sex doll can rightfully be considered the crown of the creation of human hands. Basically, they are made to order, as they perfectly recreate the woman of your dreams, even from a photograph! Which, of course, is used by men who have not yet reached their ideal. It can be not only the girl you like but also a famous actress or star. Such toys have a skeleton that allows them to be in any position, velvety skin, and natural hair! The face is 3D and is virtually indistinguishable from the original. You can have sex with her, eat, sleep, watch TV, dress her, etc. In general, like with a real girl, but very obedient and docile. To become its owner,


As the saying goes, there are no comrades in taste and colour. Therefore, you should rely only on your preferences and desires, but our small excursion into this topic, we hope it will become useful and help in choosing.