Self-massage the prostate: prevention, treatment and pleasure!


Self-massage is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the congestion in the pelvic area and improve prostate function.


The main advantages of self-massage are:


  • The efficiency of self-massage is stable and the cost is low;
  • It can be used anytime, anywhere, regardless of unforeseen circumstances (for example, business travel, etc.).


When self-massage the prostate, men must not only follow the doctor's guidance, but also stimulate the prostate through simple massage movements, press certain parts, so as to obtain the highest sense of happiness and feel the emotions that cannot be achieved in traditional sex.


Effective self-massage technique


Nowadays, there are several most common prostate self-massage techniques. If the health of the prostate (a man's second heart) is important to you, you should pay special attention.


Passive massage


The process can be carried out without hands. For this, it is sufficient to alternately squeeze and relax the muscles of the anus. This technique is very effective, but because it needs to be repeated 3 times a day, 100-300 times each time, it is rejected by many men because it takes too long to be unnecessary. The duration is one month.


Direct prostate massage


This massage technique is designed to be the most effective for both professional doctors and their patients. If shyness prevents you from going to the andrologist’s office, where you are waiting for an emotionally pleasing but more effective procedure, then you can perform a prostate self-massage at home.


To do this, you need to lie in the bathroom or another comfortable place on your back, spread your legs, and then insert your fingers soaked with lubricant into the rectum, 4-5 cm from the edge of the rectum. The anus is located at the lower pole of the prostate. If you lie on your back, it will be at the top and you need to press up.


The first movement should be a gentle stroke. Imagine you are mixing paint, flowing from the edge of the prostate to the central groove. Swing back and forth will also be very effective. The intensity of the massage and its duration directly depends on the patient's condition. Usually, the treatment course ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute. This procedure is carried out once a day or every other day, and after a period of time, the interval between procedures increases to 3-4 days.


Vibrating prostate massage


Prostate massage using anal stimulants and massagers is the most comfortable and easiest way to get the desired results. To massage the prostate, it is enough to insert a stimulator into the rectum and turn on the vibration.


Different levels of speed and choice of massager will make the process not only more effective, but also enjoyable, and each new course of treatment will bring you great pleasure. But don't forget that doctors and experienced players generally do not recommend the use of sex toys.


Depending on your health and personal preferences, you can choose one of the introduced massage techniques. We try to choose the most effective method for you, which can not only eliminate the symptoms of discomfort but also prevent the development of the disease.