Rules for first sex with a new partner


Having sex with a new person for the first time is always exciting and interesting. It can happen already on the first date, or it can happen after many months of communication. It is important to follow simple rules so that everything goes perfectly.


1. You need to prepare for sex in advance. Even if you don't think that intimacy will happen yet, you should still choose beautiful lingerie and take a shower beforehand. Circumstances can develop in different ways, and if passion arises unexpectedly, you need to avoid uncomfortable situations.


2.There is no need to place great hopes on the first proximity. For the first time, people do not know each other very well yet, so an erotic evening may not be ideal. You need to take it calmly. It is important to immediately be ready for small misunderstandings: difficult selection of poses, funny sounds, or even forehead blows. If these things happen, don't be embarrassed, just smile and continue.


3. When having sex for the first time, it is worth refusing to experiment. Don't show off your favorite vibrator or prostate stimulator right away., the time will come for this. At first, it is better to limit yourself to classic positions, vaginal and oral sex. It is important to try to get to know your partner better, to find out his desires. Therefore, after intimacy, you can chat, discuss what you liked and what should be done next time.


4. Hints will be very helpful. During the first sex, it is difficult to navigate and guess the desires of a partner, so any help will be very useful. A woman may hint that she likes which partner's movements are more enjoyable. A man shouldn't be silent either, but he doesn't need to insist too much, hints will be enough.


5. To make a good impression, you do not need to demonstrate all your capabilities at once. Acrobatic studies and oral sex skills can be left until next time. It is important to show attention to your partner, because sometimes it is not skill that is important, but the usual hugs, compliments and the ability to understand a loved one.


6. No need to imitate pleasure. This is especially true for women. If you don't like something, it is better to say about it right away. Of course, this must be done gently so as not to offend your partner, but it is important to express your position so that in the future everything will be better, not worse. There is no need to imagine that some moments are exciting if they are not at all so.


7. Do not use erection enhancers during the first sex.... Of course, this will help create a good impression, but in the future you will have to admit this act. It is better to demonstrate to the lady your real abilities, and only someday later try magical means that will allow you to embody fantasies in long sex marathons.


8. To have fun, you need to forget about all the complexes. If a person is in bed with you, then he likes what he sees. There is no need to be shy and think about appearance, this will only distract from receiving pleasure. It is recommended to just relax and pay maximum attention to the person who is nearby.


9. Do not forget about protection. The best way for the first time is condoms . They will save not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from possible diseases. Modern products are so thin that they are almost not felt in the process, but they guarantee safety.


10. If the first sex did not work out, if something went wrong, do not be disappointed and draw conclusions. Stress, excitement and the desire to make a good impression sometimes fail at the very first contact. You just need to treat it with humor and try again.


Having sex with a new partner is both exciting and exciting. And everything may turn out completely not as planned. But this is precisely what makes this moment so desirable and attractive.