Rules for choosing an anal plug for constant wear


You can wear the stimulator for several hours - the sleeve allows you to feel fullness in an intimate place, but at the same time it does not interfere with movement at all. Do you like sexual experiments or massage of the erogenous zones? - then this device will certainly suit you! It is very important to choose the most comfortable model because wearing should be completely safe. It is worth remembering that everyone has their own dimensions, body parameters, as well as tastes, so there are no universal options.


Each wearable anal plug has a special stopper that limits its movement into the anus. At the same time, the restraint does not cause discomfort between the buttocks, because it is a flexible isthmus.


Who uses butt plugs to wear?


A considerable number of men and women like to receive sexual relaxation in unusual places, and not only in their bedroom, but these fantasies in most cases remain dreams because intimate in a public place can be fraught with various troubles. Unlike sex, you can get special pleasure in a cafe, gym and even at work - thanks to a special shape, the plug is kept inside and invisible to others. No discomfort, pain and embarrassment - while wearing, a person experiences slight excitement and pleasant sensations.


Men can also use plugs - even after several hours there will be a feeling of slight pleasure from massage of the prostate gland, also, the device allows for the prevention of many diseases of the genitourinary sphere. For women, cork is a way to get aroused - the desire to have sex in this case increases significantly!


Permitted wearing period


  • Rubber grommets can be worn no longer than 3 hours - otherwise, the mucous membrane may become inflamed.
  • Plastic products can stay in the body for 120 minutes.
  • Silicone plugs can be worn long enough - all day. However, you should not forget about the breaks. It is necessary to give the body a rest, after which you can use the plug again - the break should be at least half an hour.

When choosing an anal plug to wear, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made - saving on your health is unacceptable. It is best to purchase a quality product, even if it will be a little more expensive than using a cheap plug of dubious quality. Do not forget about the surface of the sleeve - an even and smooth base will be the best option, without any cracks, crevices and other flaws that can become a "refuge" for bacteria.


Optimal shape


When choosing a stimulant for regular use, you need to choose the optimal form:


  • Teardrop - easily inserted into the body, while the base gradually stretches the anus without causing discomfort. Great for beginners.
  • Curved bushings - great for stimulating the prostate gland - these models are often used by men who like the feeling of "pressure" inside. The plug has a wide tip, so the anus should be well stretched before insertion.
  • The best choice would be to buy an anal stimulator that has a thin stem, which is located in the anus - a small diameter allows you to insert the plug inside without pain. There are also larger products that can be used during sexual play, but they are not recommended for regular use.


Wearing capsize


Ideally, it is best to choose a stimulator up to 10 cm long - this is enough to experience a pleasant and relaxing massage. Each person should choose the length himself, depending on the purpose of using the device:


To stimulate the prostate, the plug should be at least 7 cm long. Women can use smaller products, however, to stimulate the internal organs, it is preferable to choose sufficiently long sleeves. Vibration The majority of modern models have an internal mechanism that allows the device to vibrate or pulsate - this effect greatly enhances pleasure, helps to completely relax, even in the most unexpected places. A vibrating stimulator can be much more fun than a simple plug. Some models provide the ability to adjust the vibration strength using a smartphone or remote control. A feature of vibrating bushings is complete silence during operation - no one around you will suspect anything.


Charging the device is an important point when choosing a vibration stimulator. The best option would be to choose a rechargeable model because in this case, the user saves himself from the need to constantly change the batteries. Remember that vibration can last no more than 120 minutes, after which the batteries should be recharged.




With prolonged use of the stimulant, some rules should be followed to avoid the risk of various infections:


  • Cleanliness - after each use it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the surface of the plug, then treat the surface with a disinfectant.
  • Individuality - in no case should you give the cork to another person to wear, because in this case, there is a risk of various infections - even with complete disinfection of the surface, pathogenic bacteria can remain.
  • Lubrication - the introduction of the plug into the body is allowed only with a lubricant - it can soften the skin, which makes the insertion process practically painless.
  • Lack of discomfort - this condition must be fully respected, and if any discomfort occurs, use should be discontinued immediately. Injuries to the anus - after prolonged use, pain in the anus may be observed - it is necessary to allow time for tissue repair, after which you can start using again.


The use of a vibration stimulator is prohibited in the presence of the following violations:


  • Severe haemorrhoids and prostatitis
  • Cracks in the anus
  • Stool problems, bowel disorders