A sex fantasy that is infinitely awkward when it comes to reality


About the disastrous consequences of bringing sex fantasy from childhood into reality.


Sex on the Beach


had a fantasy of secretly and hot sex on the beach on a black night where the stars were pouring out with the sand left behind. I expected it to happen dramatically at least on the beaches of Phuket, but a beach in Boryeong after the mud festival will make my fantasy come true. While walking on the beach with my girlfriend at the time, I found a creepy space where no one could pass, and went straight to sex on the Beach'. The pleasure was for a while, and as soon as I packed my clothes, I had to regret it. This is because the sand went into every corner of the body and kept coming out even if I brushed it off all week. No matter how much I wash, I still can't forget the sand that followed me like an evil spirit.
Kim Ki-beam, male, 32 years old


Although the dialogue is blocked and


a little cliché for fantasy, the forbidden love between teachers and students is a popular material that ranks in the top of adult video productions. When the sex with the girlfriend I met for more than 3 years went back too routinely, I suggested a situational drama. I tried to set it so that it wasn't too much like a teacher and a high school student, but both of us were very lacking in acting skills. Besides, because I am trying to roughly create lines at the level of a page script, "I am a teacher and you are a student!" No abnormality came out, so I couldn't help but pick up clothes again in a state of embarrassment.
Hwang Ji-hoon, male, 29 years old


There is no mute sex and in the


movie <Enemy at the Gate>, a sex scene in which all men and women are asleep in military tents without making a single sound appears. My girlfriend and I went to a camping site in Namyangju, but when I tried to sleep, I suddenly remembered an old movie. At night when tents were side by side and only crickets were heard, I was immersed in the silent sex with my girlfriend covering her mouth and exposing only the topical areas, but I heard the sound of the zipper falling next to the tent. Someone who had walked back in shoes put on our tent and shouted, "If you're going to have sex, let's go home." It echoed all over the campsite that we were having sex and had no choice but to raise our pants. Mute sex was possible because it was a movie.
Won Ji-won, male, 37 years old


When you wear an apron, oil splashes on your bare skin, and in


<Sex and the City>, Samantha lies on her boyfriend's birthday with sushi on the main part of her without a thread. I thought taking off clothes in the kitchen was pretty provocative. I had to take it off at least once on my boyfriend's birthday, but I decided to direct the scene of cooking in the kitchen wearing only an apron. When it comes to cooking, it was about heating semi-cooked foods, but it hurt more than I thought when a hot pan touched my bare skin or fried oil. I was so hot that I just wanted to put on my clothes again.
Jang Yoona, female, 31 years old


It's too anxious to do it on the emergency stairs, and


there is a company called'Silklabor' in Japan that produces adult videos' for women. The most frequent setting is having sex in a hurry with a male employee at the company's emergency stairs. It was a day when I was only looking for an opportunity because I couldn't make a paycheck at a company. I drank on the first floor of my boyfriend's company building, which I just started dating, and there is a door to the emergency stairs near there. While drunk, she grabbed her boyfriend's hand and dragged her into the emergency stairwell and poured a kiss. However, even hearing the sound of the footsteps couldn't stop us from acting and let go of the barrel beating like a meerkat. After all, it is too anxious to do it at a payroll.
Han-won Choi, female, 33 years old


I was overpowered, but I was so scared that


I had a fantasy of having sex with a woman who ruled me and overpowered me. Isn't there something like Angelina Jolie in <Tomb Raider> who wants to take it off if it's naked? The woman I met by chance a few years ago seemed to be able to fill my fantasy. He also said he felt pleasure while controlling men. On the day we met each other with great anticipation, fear came upon us as soon as we saw the handcuffs on the bed. With both arms tied and blindfolded, fear preceded the excitement. If you ever lose this handcuff key, you should ask to report it instead, but it ended without trying to do it properly because of what to do.
Park Min-joon, male, 28 years old