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Prostate stimulator selection guide


Prostate stimulator selection guide


Men’s prostate is usually compared with women’s G-spot; if the prostate is stimulated regularly, it can bring a lot of fun. In this case, sex toys will become an indispensable helper for prostate stimulation. But before proceeding to discuss the main issues: To give an overview of sex toys and how to use them, you need to figure out how to find the prostate?


How to find the prostate?


The prostate is placed 4-5 cm from the edge of the anus behind the anterior wall of the rectum, and when introducing a stimulator or vibrator, be sure to take this into consideration when guiding the curved edge. The sex toy faces the abdomen instead of the back.


After a little adjustment, you will be able to find the desired area more easily. The fact is that during the awakening process, the prostate is filled with fluid and becomes more noticeable when touched.


Choice of prostate stimulator


Prostate stimulators include a wide variety of sex products. These are vibrators, massagers, docking plugs, stimulators, they are the strangest and most interesting forms. Like the female G-spot stimulator, the curved end of the prostate stimulator is also suitable for massaging the target area. However, despite the fact that some female stimulators are suitable for men's internal anal puncture, there are still a series of sex toys specifically designed for men.


If you decide to prioritize female stimulators, then you need to consider some important things:


  • First, the bend of the stimulator should be along its entire length rather than just at the end, just like the G-spot stimulator;
  • Second, the end of the stimulator should be onion-shaped and denser than the female stimulator.


How to use prostate stimulator?


The most popular toys for stimulating the prostate are vibrators, because their rotational or translational motion will provide the necessary vibration amplitude.


Prostate stimulator also includes bandages. Both husband and wife decide to buy bandages. They are not afraid to discover new and unknown worlds.


Using sex toys is very simple, just insert the prostate stimulator into the anus, match with anal lubricant, choose your favorite vibration mode and enjoy the unforgettable feeling.


Interestingly, the toys can be used alone or in traditional sex, which enhances the feeling and gives them new colors.


The main purpose of developing a prostate stimulator is to improve the health of men. In fact, under the condition of regular high-quality stimulation, the prostate maintains a good shape, which directly affects the strength of men and the quality of sperm. But this is not only important in medicine, but in the process of stimulating the prostate, a person can also get an orgasm, which is fundamentally different from the traditional orgasm produced when the penis is stimulated.

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