Prostate massagers for pleasure and disease prevention


There is such a proverb - until the thunder breaks out, the man does not cross himself. Unfortunately, it is suitable for most men in whose life the word "prostate" appears when problems in sexual relations or health problems have made themselves felt, which do not allow them to feel calm, confident and comfortable. According to statistics, prostatitis, in one form or another, suffers from one in three, and the chronic stage, about 3-5%. Moreover, the stories that this is related to age and declares itself after 40 years are nothing more than a fiction and an established opinion. Even 17-18 year old boys may have problems.


The prostate itself was discovered by Herophilus, about 1.5 thousand years ago. Contemporaries and colleagues of the ancient Greek scientist did not attach any importance to this, and only in the 19th century, they started talking about its existence again. Although, even here, without due attention, since this was mainly done by psychologists or psychotherapists, and such a disease was considered one of the subspecies of psychosis, just as certain gynecological problems were called "uterine rabies." Fortunately, now special attention is riveted to inflammation of the prostate gland, and information activities are being conducted everywhere, acting as a preventive measure to prevent such an ailment, leading to:


  • to a disorder of sexual life;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • impotence;
  • painful sensations and self-doubt;
  • infertility.


There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of this disease - infections, fungi, viruses, etc. But the most important are long-term sexual abstinence and a sedentary lifestyle! Yes, yes, it is these seemingly harmless factors that are so important. As evidence of one, we can cite recent studies that showed that the more often a man ejaculates between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely that at a later age he will face such a problem. Moreover, the fact that the prolonged absence of sex, causes the degradation of this organ, which is responsible for the quality of sperm and reproductive function, respectively, has been known for a long time. Well, the fact that inactivity prevents the necessary blood circulation, leading to stagnation and all other consequences associated with this, even a first-year medical college student knows.


Scary? It may well be. But, you have nothing to fear or worry about if you are active enough, have regular sex, and of course, such a wonderful device as a prostate massager . Why? Because, along with the first two, such an intimate massage is recognized as one of the most important conditions that make men's health and strength worthy of admiration. Moreover, both prophylactic and therapeutic agent. As for the latter, everything is simple here, this approach easily competes with surgical or medical intervention. But the prevention of the disease has a lot of bonuses, in the form of pleasure and incomparable impressions.


The thing is that in its erogenousness and sensitivity, some scientists equate the prostate with the clitoris. Moreover, its stimulation, of course, can cause excitement, a strong erection, and as a result - an enchanting orgasm. Therefore, taking care of yourself is not only useful, but also pleasant! In addition, a prostate massager is a means of individual use that does not require visits to medical institutions, testing the associated feeling of moral discomfort, as well as unnecessary financial costs. Now, you can carry out such a massage at home, moreover, having fun or even doing it with your partner.


Of course, there are those who say that this procedure can be done with hands, or rather with fingers. However, let's face it. This is at least not aesthetically pleasing, not comfortable, and even a little rustic. After all, a modern prostate massager is a perfect device designed for specific purposes, the use of which presupposes convenience, comfort, and even has a certain share of what influences getting special arousal. Each of them, has an anatomically correct shape, which allows you to easily and unnecessary effort to achieve the "goal", to provide a targeted impact.


Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose a model with a purely mechanical effect, equipped with vibration or rotation modes. Each of them undoubtedly has the same effectiveness, however, one should not discount the opportunity to become the owner of exclusive pleasure, or ease of use. Moreover, the simplicity with which the prostate is achieved, or rather its location, causes not only surprise, but also admiration for many. Thanks to these accessories, you do not need to have medical knowledge of anatomy, or bend in sophisticated poses. Everything is as simple as possible - you just need to enter it.


As for penetration, in order for it to be perfect even for the first time and go like clockwork, you need the following:


  • Use lubricant. It should be selected depending on what material your intimate assistant is made of. In most cases, you should give preference to water-based lubricants, but if your device is made of glass or metal, then there are no restrictions;
  • The first introduction should be carried out in a position "on the side", in which the muscles of the anus are most relaxed. After the first experience, you can not limit yourself in experiments, but you should always listen to yourself and your feelings;
  • If your partner helps you, taking a direct part in such an exciting action, she should behave extremely carefully and control every movement.
  • Before the first use, the prostate massager should be thoroughly washed and then treated with any antiseptic. For example, Miramistin, which is present in any pharmacy, and is essentially a development of the space industry.
  • After each time, the toy should also be rinsed well, taking into account all the features of its use.
  • If a woman wants to use this object, then there are solid "FOR" here, since this can bring partners closer together, emphasize the level of mutual trust, and significantly diversify her sex.
  • As for the duration of use, there are also no restrictions here. It all depends on your desires, self-awareness and erotic fantasies. This is the rare and unique case when excess and bigotry are excluded by themselves. If this brings you joy and pleasure, then all the cards are in your hands!


Once again I want to remind you - your health, and even more so intimate, is in your hands. And it's always better to prevent than to fix. Therefore, if you love sex, always want to be "in the saddle", and most importantly, do not deprive yourself and your partner of special pleasure, be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Well, for those women who value themselves and their chosen one, I would like to advise you to buy a prostate massager as an original and useful gift, so as not to stop enjoying each other, and those wonderful moments that you are called to give one to one!