Pros and cons of using pheromones


Pheromones are substances produced by the human body that attract the opposite sex and induce sexual desire. Today they can be bought in the form of perfume or massage oil. The effect of the product is quite tangible, but are chemical components capable of giving happiness?


What are pheromones?


Pheromone research began in the 1980s in the United States. And it was biologist Winnifred Cutler who was able to isolate this substance by studying attraction between people. On the human body, pheromones are formed in the armpits and in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds. But their number is very small, and each has its own special composition.


Today, people use a lot of cosmetics that mask pheromones, so people are less and less attracted to each other. But there are still people who produce a lot of pheromones, the opposite sex is constantly drawn to them. It is the large amount of substance that can explain the phenomenon when many men take care of a not very beautiful girl at once.


Artificial pheromones are less potent than individual pheromones. But even they are capable of arousing the genuine interest of others. Today, such substances are added to perfumes , and everyone can try their effect on themselves. You need to apply the perfumed scent on the wrists, on the elbows or between the collarbones.


Pros of products with pheromones


Perfume, shampoo or pheromone massage can cause intense sexual desire in the opposite sex. This does not mean that all the surrounding men or women will immediately offer intimacy. Pheromones simply highlight a person, make him noticeable. But they act on a subconscious level, no one can say for sure what the reason for the interest is.


You can use pheromones for dating or to increase attraction with a regular partner. It is worth applying the product to the body, and the person nearby will begin to experience a vivid sexual desire. This is a great way to diversify intimacy, to make a stable relationship lively.


A man or woman who uses a perfume with pheromones is much more likely to meet a permanent partner. The smell attracts many people, and from them you can already choose the best and interest him not only in sex, but also in a rich inner world.


Cons of pheromones


Perfume with pheromones almost always has a pungent smell. But you can choose a scent that is suitable for regular use. There are options with citrus notes, nutmeg or even a floral sillage. To reduce the intensity, you can apply the product in small amounts and only to specific areas.


Modern pheromone products are substances that have taken years of research to create. They are not cheap. And there is no alcohol in the composition of the perfume, since it destroys the stimulating substances, which means that the perfume is often much more expensive than ordinary eau de parfum.


The action of pheromones is limited in time. The effect is noticeable in the first 2-3 hours, then they simply fade away. But you can always repeat the application.


The radius of action of spirits with pheromones is not too large. Usually it is felt only by people who are at a distance of up to 3 meters. Do not expect that someone at the other end of the restaurant will suddenly be able to catch this magical aroma, they simply cannot overcome such a distance.


But the main disadvantage of perfumes with pheromones is that they do not evoke feelings. They are able to arouse only the first interest, which is associated with physical desires, and for the emergence of something more, you will also need charm, a sense of humor and the ability to maintain a conversation.


Pheromones are able to attract the opposite sex. And they also give self-confidence, activate the desire to meet another person. Already thousands of people with pheromones have helped to arrange their personal lives, but no one can promise that these spirits will win the heart. They are made for the first impression only.