Pros and cons of mini vibrators


When choosing an intimate toy for yourself or as a gift, you need to understand the pros and cons of individual models. There are many mini vibrators on the market today, and although they seem very nondescript in appearance, they have many advantages over their larger counterparts.


Pros of mini vibrators


Small vibrators are most commonly used for clitoral stimulation. They allow you to reach orgasms in a very short time. And the presence of different modes helps to experience different pleasure. Usually, small devices are in no way inferior to large ones: they also have several speeds, they can move in different rhythms.


The small vibrator can be used with or without a partner. Usually a toy does not look like a phallus, which does not cause unpleasant associations in a man. The strong half of humanity has a much better attitude towards small gizmos, since they do not see competition in them.


It is very convenient to use a mini vibrator with a man. During vaginal or anal sex, the device can be placed against the clitoris. At the same time, it will not restrict movement, will not interfere with close contact, but will allow the lady to experience much more pleasure.


The mini vibrator fits easily into your purse. It is very convenient for travel. And even when checking baggage at the airport or train station, no one will understand what kind of device it is. The minimum weight will allow you to carry the vibrator with you not only to other countries and regions, but even to work. You can relieve stress with it in any secluded place.


Modern models of vibrators have a very original shape. There are devices that outwardly resemble ordinary mascara or lipstick. In a cosmetic bag, an intimate toy will easily get lost among other means and will not cause unnecessary questions from any of your friends. It is convenient to hide the toy from children in this way.


The device works from a small electrical discharge. The mini vibrator is often supplied with one battery, and it lasts for 5-10 hours of continuous operation. Some models have a charger that plugs into a wall outlet or a computer. The working time of such things is at least 6 hours.


The mini vibrator can be equipped with a remote control... This allows you to have fun adventures with this sex toy. The device can be placed in an intimate area and go for a walk with it. With the help of the remote control, it can be turned on at any time, which will contribute to strong arousal.


Cons of mini vibrators


Using a mini vibrator for anal sex is not recommended. It is not equipped with special restraints, which makes it dangerous to dive. If the toy goes too deep, it will be difficult to reach it without the help of a doctor. For such games, it is recommended to use special vibrators for anal sex .


The mini vibrator is recommended for use with lubricant . If you stimulate the clitoris without it, it can irritate the delicate skin. It is not recommended to use creams, saliva or other substances, they can ruin the surface of the sex toy. It is optimal to choose a water-based lubricant, it has the most gentle effect on any material.


Not all mini vibrators are waterproof. Usually, the presence of a battery means that the toy cannot be used in the bathroom. It is also important to wash the device very carefully so that no liquid gets inside. Toys often fail because of getting wet.


The mini vibrator does not give a feeling of fullness when immersed in the vagina. Sometimes you want something more in order to experience more intense penetration. In such a situation, it is worth buying a regular-sized vibrator as well .


A mini vibrator is an opportunity to get pleasure without restrictions in any situation. Compactness and practicality are convenient when traveling, for use at work or at a party. In terms of functions, the devices are not inferior to large devices, and sometimes even surpass them.