Proper storage and cleaning of sex toys


The huge variety of materials for sex toys leads to important questions: how to clean products and how to store them so that they retain their shape and pleasant surface longer. There are several simple rules that must be followed to preserve the products and your own safety.


1. When buying a product, it must not only be washed, but also disinfected. Vibrators , phalluses , butt plugs , vaginal ballsproduced in factories where it is impossible to maintain complete sterility. That is why you need to protect your health by removing all traces of dust and other substances that could get on the toy. Even if the item is sold in a fully sealed box, it should be removed and properly prepared for use.


2. It is recommended to use special compounds for cleaning toys . They are hypoallergenic, do not destroy the surface, destroy all bacteria. Such a tool is especially necessary for porous materials: cyber leather, gel, ultra realistic, thermoplastic rubber. The more a toy looks like a natural body, the more attention it needs to be paid. Dust, moisture and bacteria easily get into small holes, they can multiply there, and later cause irritation.


3. The toy should be cleaned after each use. Even if intimate games took place late at night, you should not be lazy. Waste products of the body are an excellent environment for the development of infection. If you use a thing that has not been properly processed, unpleasant diseases may develop.


4. After washing, realistic vibrators should be dried with a towel and sprinkled with talcum powder. If the toy is not in use, the talcum powder will still need to be changed regularly. It is important to do this at least once every 6 weeks so that the surface retains its properties.


5. five.It is not prohibited to use Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, alcoholic infusion or hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. But the composition of these drugs can affect the sex toy in different ways. The use of such solutions can damage the product. It is better to buy a special care solution than to regret it later. Only glass toys are not afraid of such influences. They can even be washed in the dishwasher, but other materials are very demanding.


6. The composition of tap water in cities today is very high in chlorine. Especially its amount increases in the days of spring floods. And it is this substance that can spoil toys. The impact will not be noticeable the first time, but the surface with frequent washing under the tap will begin to lose its smoothness. That is why it is worth washing sex products in boiled or filtered water.


7. If the toy contains batteries or other chargers, it is important that no water gets into them. The liquid is capable of completely destroying the product. You need to clean the surface very carefully, and if water does seep, you need to dry the toy with a towel and let it dry. It is not recommended to turn it on for 12 hours. Perhaps, then it will still work.

8. eight. It is important to keep toys away from dirt and dust. To do this, they need to be put into a special bag. They should also be protected from direct sunlight and prying eyes. It is especially worth hiding products from children. It is better to lay each item separately. However, you can only store the glass and metal toys .


9. If the product is powered by batteries, remove them before storing. First, it will conserve charge. The batteries are discharged even when the item is not in use. Secondly, the batteries may deteriorate, which will cause damage to the product. Better to prevent this beforehand.


10. It is important to use professional lubricants for a comfortable feel . Water-based lubricants can be used with all toys. For realists, choosing a silicone lubricant is not recommended. Special components will destroy the surface of the product, quickly render it unusable. And any soft toys cannot stand contact with oils. Do not use them with massage components or some creams that are not intended for erotic games.