Pose 69 is a symbol of sex life. Pros and cons of pose 69


Pose 69 is a pose for oral sex in which partners are to each other in a position that resembles a combination of numbers 6 and 9 while caressing each other's genitals. The name of the pose "69" comes from these numbers.


There is so much magic, eroticism, and hidden subtext in this magical combination of numbers 69! For many, it has become a symbol of sex life, openness, experimentation. What's the reason? Could it be that this is a digital expression of Yin-Yang - a symbol of harmony between masculine and feminine principles? Or maybe it's just mysticism? In any case, for most people, 69 is directly associated with sex, and even after seeing such a house number, the thought instantly creeps in about something exciting, alluring and incredibly desirable.


By the way, it is no coincidence that sex shop 69 Toys has this magic number 69 in its name. Mention of this number often makes people smile and often people associate the combination of these numbers with something sexy.


Be that as it may, position 69, perhaps, was not present in sex only the laziest or notorious people. Moreover, many call it the "pose of adolescents" who try to please each other in a matter of minutes while their parents are not at home. However, this is a very superficial and slightly ironic opinion, because, in fact, the 69 position is unique. After all, like no other, it allows you to simultaneously deliver oral sex to each other. Many experienced partners in sex tend to consider her special, which not only brings variety to intimate games but also allows you to have the maximum chances of achieving a simultaneous orgasm. Which, in turn, some are inclined to consider "perfect sex".


But ... how many people have so many opinions. Pose 69 - was, is and will be, as it is capable of delivering special and incomparable pleasure to both partners. Moreover, in the Kama Sutra (in Sanskrit, Kama is the god of love, and sutra is the sacred scripture), a special place and attention are given to it. There is no doubt that as long as humanity exists, this posture also exists. During these times, it has acquired many names and variations, however, the French most appreciated and loved it, perhaps as connoisseurs and connoisseurs of oral sex. The most popular and well-known synonyms for 69 are "love in French", "Jack", or - "L * amour cruise" - intertwining love. In all cases, all names are based on the fact that partners are in a mirror position to each other, which allows you to simultaneously caress each other's genitals.


It is worth saying that the 69 positions have gained particular popularity among lesbians, who, without dildos, and, accordingly, the opportunity to strap on one alone, receive unearthly pleasure from such caresses. Indeed, in this case, the illusion of full-fledged sexual intercourse with a man is created, when both feel pleasure at the same time. And as you know, the emotional component directly affects the degree of arousal, and, accordingly, the quality of sex. But in any case, for heterosexual couples, the 69 position is no less in demand, since each of the partners receives from her what he wants. For example, based on the fact that "men love with their eyes", the representatives of the stronger sex are undoubtedly excited by the sight of a slightly open vagina, especially if he also feels the most sensual caresses of the penis with his tongue and lips. And for a woman, this is a great opportunity not to deprive herself of pleasure, while she is trying to satisfy a man. Therefore, 69, this is not only a mystical number, it is a whole layer of relationships in sexual life, which has no fewer facets than, for example, the culture of BDSM, and in which you can reveal and find yourself throughout your life.


Nevertheless, despite its popularity, the 69 poses have overgrown with certain stereotypes and philistine opinions. For example, for many, this is just a missionary position, with partners upside down. However, this is nothing more than a hackneyed conviction, and we would like to more objectively and comprehensively consider all the possibilities and advantages of such a position. Moreover, we are sure that for some, this can be a discovery and an impetus for sexual experiments, and the number 69 will acquire a special meaning and will be directly related to the best and most memorable sex. And so, the variations in which pose 69 can be implemented may be as follows:


  1. "Classic", and most likely stereotyped. This is the case when one of the partners lies on his back, and the other is on top of him. Despite its simplicity, this position has many advantages. First, it should be borne in mind that the person who is on top is automatically, at the subconscious level, dominant. So who knows, maybe 69 will be your first step towards RPGs? It is enough just to decide in which position, above or below, you get the most satisfaction from intimacy. Secondly, given the load on the elbows, you get the opportunity to change places, at the same time, bringing variety to intimate games.
  2. Pose 69, on the side. Its huge plus is that it does not require much energy. After all, each of the partners is in a calm state, and can, without being distracted by physical inconvenience, completely devote himself to another, and, of course, to enjoy.
  3. The strongest and most persistent men should try 69 standing. Yes Yes! If you have enough physical strength to keep the girl upside down for several minutes, then the realizations from such sex promise to be the most unforgettable. Believe me, she will surely appreciate your capabilities (which, undoubtedly, will excite her even more, and cause a desire to surrender herself to the fullest), and you, enjoy not only the taste of her "bud" but also the most unusual angle from which it can be watched.
  4. For those who want, but cannot implement the previous option, there is such a great opportunity as pose 69 in a sitting position. In this case, it will be enough for a man to sit on his buttocks or knees, lean on a wall or bed, and just hold his partner. Be sure, the effect will be the same as from the previous version (except for demonstrating your strength), but please, not less than a gram. Alternatively, this pose 69 can be performed not only on the floor but also sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed.
  5. Well, and of course, if you are lucky to have a gymnast or a dancer as your passion, then you can and should try the most original and sophisticated version 69. The man lies on the floor, the woman has her back on him, then stands on the bridges and, bending over, takes penis in the mouth. For a man, in turn, the most unique kind of female charms opens up, and it seems that cunnilingus is performed in a classic pose when the partner lies on her back. Of course, such a combination can excite a partner in the most incredible way, therefore, such a pose 69 will allow to fully enjoy rather persistent and "long-playing" men.


As you can see, pose 69, unlike others, is the most multifaceted, and, of course, leaves endless scope for imagination, and each couple will be able to adjust it for themselves or add something to any of the above options. At the same time, being objective, it should be said that 69, like everything in this world, cannot be called ideal, therefore, it has both pros and cons. Although, the latter is more nuanced than a disadvantage that must be taken into account. Especially if this is your first such experiment. So.




For both:


  • pose 69 is a great opportunity to diversify your intimate life;
  • it can be a wonderful prelude to sexual intercourse itself;
  • this is a unique case when you can give each other oral sex at the same time;
  • the opportunity to practice both Kuni and rimming.


For men:


  • pose 69 will undoubtedly appeal to men who are especially excited at the sight of female genitals. Moreover, such a close distance is just the ultimate dream!
  • this is an opportunity to take a breath, before a new "arrival". Moreover, while resting, while enjoying;
  • also, pose 69 is an excuse not to stand aside when you give pleasure to a woman.


For women:


  • as you know, the fair sex is more prone to dedication and very emotional. Therefore, they will be pleased to feel that a man reciprocates her, from which, feelings for him will become even stronger;
  • For ideal intercourse, the woman needs sufficient arousal to produce the desired level of lubrication, and the proximity of orgasm. Therefore, pose 69 can be for her not only a prelude but also the last step before, during coitus, to reach the peek of pleasure in a matter of seconds.




  • if the partners have a sufficient difference in height, then this can cause some discomfort. However, with desire and skill, everything can be solved;
  • in some cases, the 69 positions can lead to the fact that one partner can completely surrender to pleasure and forget about the other. But, this will not happen if there is complete harmony, mutual understanding, and passion for each other between them.


Our recommendations, proven by experience and time:


  1. if one of the partners is obese, especially a man, then he should be in the lower position since it will be inconvenient for him to be on top of himself, and the lower one will experience the experience of not being crushed at one moment, and, accordingly, not to enjoy, but feel discomfort from extraneous thoughts;
  2. the classic pose 69, provides for a rather tangible load on the knee-elbow joints, therefore, especially with long sex, it is recommended to change position to give your partner a rest and enjoy the variety;
  3. men who are aiming for a sexy marathon, and are going to surprise a girl with their stamina and endurance, especially at the first meeting, should try to make pose 69 become a kind of dessert or cherry on the cake. At first, while you have the strength, you should give preference to such poses as standing, doggy-style, or even missionary, so that when fatigue sets in, go to 69 or the rider pose.