Phallus with and without scrotum: pros and cons

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Dildos have become part of the life of modern women. This is not due to the absence of the stronger sex, but to the desire to diversify the intimate life as much as possible.


If you take a closer look at the category of a sex shop, in which phalluses are presented, then you can distinguish several product groups, each of which has its own indisputable advantages. Let's take a look at the most popular categories of phalluses and point out their pros and cons.


1. Phallus with scrotum


Most women prefer this particular category of sex toys. Why? Everything is very simple!

• They are particularly realistic;

• The scrotum during masturbation creates additional stimulation of the clitoris and labia, from which orgasm occurs much earlier and has the greatest intensity;

• Usually these models have a suction cup, so they can be easily attached to any smooth surface, leaving complete freedom of hands.


Among the line of phalluses with a scrotum, there are very interesting specimens. They "know" how to finish. The toy has a special button, when pressed, the penis shoots out a liquid similar to an ejaculant. Many girls also get aesthetic pleasure from this, smearing a viscous liquid on their bodies after having an orgasm.


What can be called the disadvantage of this toy? The inability to take it with you, hiding it in a handbag. Probably that's all.


2. Realistic phalluses


This group includes dildos made of cyber leather. On them, wreaths and tubercles are clearly visible and palpable, exactly repeating the surface of a real penis. By touch, such toys cannot be distinguished from their real counterparts, but in fact it turns out that they are able to work even better, well, or at least longer - that's for sure. Are there any disadvantages to realists? Perhaps they will scare off feminists with their appearance, because some male opponents prefer to masturbate with vibrators that are completely different from the penis. And they also require special care: they are stored in a special talcum powder to keep the surface perfect.


3. Phalluses of animals


Yes Yes exactly! Many women have surpassed themselves so much in their perversions that phalluses made in the form of members of certain animals became their dream. Someone is crazy about spiky wolf dignity, someone dreams of trying an elephant's penis on themselves. Such toys, of course, can be attributed to very rare specimens, but, nevertheless, they have a place to be on the shelves of sex shops.


The downsides of this category could be fiercely discussed by animal advocates, but they are unlikely to know that such a thing exists.


Why do women choose dildos?


Looking through the many products of the sex shop, many women still prefer dildos , and regardless of whether they have built-in vibration. What is the reason for this? Most likely, with the fact that, after all, the fair sex does not have enough male attention and they try to fill the void in their intimate life with such analogs.


Depending on individual characteristics and preferences, a woman can always choose a phallus of the size she needs in the store. Is it possible to predict in advance what is hiding in the pants of a new acquaintance? The first option does not imply disappointments and unexpected surprises, unlike the second.


Artificial phalluscan be taken out of the locker at any time and enjoy the endless game, coming up with different poses, experimenting with the angle of penetration. Such intimate games help a woman to know the depths of her body, awaken the mysterious G-spot in herself and just be herself for pleasure.