Penis Vacuum Pump


The purposes of using a vacuum pump for the penis are varied in each individual case: stimulation of erogenous zones on a man's body, sexual games and BDSM, erotic massage and the desire to bring something new to intimate life. However, the function of this device is always the same - the stimulation of blood flow to the male genital organ, which contributes to the emergence of an erection and serves as a means of treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunctions in the form of decreased erection.


The action of all types of vacuum pumps for the penis is based on stimulating the blood filling of the cavernous bodies and increasing the receptor sensitivity of the penis, where most of the smallest capillaries open and actively fill with blood under the influence of the pressure difference. This contributes to a powerful effect on peripheral lymph circulation, blood circulation and regional fluid movement.


Types of vacuum penis pumps


The pump-massager with a pear "Pipedream Potent Developer" is a device consisting of a flask with a sealant and a small bulb needed to create a vacuum in the flask. This is the simplest version of a vacuum pump that is available to almost everyone.


A pump-massager with automatic air evacuation is a product that includes a flask with a seal and an automatic mechanism, powered by batteries, to create a vacuum in the flask.


Piston massager pump "Baile" - a device with a flask and a seal, as well as a built-in piston for creating a vacuum. On such a pump there is a plastic tube, at one end of which there is a valve for the pump, and at the other end, there is an o-ring. Additionally, the kit may include a pressure gauge to constantly monitor the pressure inside the tube and a bottle of lubricant.


Separately, all models of vacuum penis pumps, depending on their configuration, can be equipped with:


  • A vibrator, as an additional stimulator that enhances blood circulation, for the glans penis, if the vibrator is on top, and for the scrotum if the vibrator is below;


  • An elongated soft gel or silicone nozzle, as well as a set of nozzles, which allows, after achieving the necessary erection, to use the massager as a masturbator with the addition of lubricants and gels ;


  • An erection ring, which allows you to keep the resulting erection by blocking the outflow of blood from the vessels of the male genital organ;


  • Manometer - required to control the degree of vacuum discharge in the pump;


  • A seal or a set of seals, which can be purchased separately from the main device in specialized stores for sex toys and other intimate goods.


Separately, there are also air vacuum and hydraulic vacuum pumps for the penis. Air pumps, such as the "Gopaldas Auto Pump" model, allow the penis to be enlarged by discharging air, have a blower or pump to evacuate the air, and sometimes an electric motor. For the use of such pumps, lubricants and gels are required, since the penis sticks to the walls of the flask, which can cause discomfort.


The Bathmate Hercules hydro-vacuum penis pump is an enlargement of the penis by pumping water. Sometimes this type of pump is called "solid vacuum", since water is almost not compressed, unlike air, and the product itself is easy to use, provides additional warming up of the penis, there are no breaking pumps in it. In addition, lubricants are not needed to use such pumps, and the effect on the penis is carried out evenly due to the absence of bends on the product and friction.