Penis extenders: toys that will enlarge your penis and bring pleasure


Are you struggling with your sex life or do you just want to experiment with size? In any case, there are several alternatives to enlarge your penis. For example, you can take advantage of surgical intervention, use phalloprostheses . But, we'll talk about something more innovative and interesting.


In particular, we are talking about extenders and put-on prostheses. Both of these accessories serve to increase the size of your penis. Plus, both devices are hollow, shaped to fit around the penis. Finally, it should be noted that both are effective. And, as practice shows, they allow not only to stretch the penis in length but also to increase its thickness, give the desired shape.




Extenders are a special invention that is worn over the entire length of the penis. The main purpose is to give the penis a larger size: in length and width, as well as to enhance erectile function. As a rule, extenders are made of metal and special material (straps) Cyberskin. This is an imitation of living flesh, it reduces the level of friction, does not allow the callus to be rubbed on the penis, and also prevents the extender from sliding off.


In general, the appearance of the structure is presented in the form of a hard tip, metal rods, as well as a flexible shaft made of "living skin". The correct use and manual of the extender recommend moving the empty shaft of the structure until it stops until the tip grips the head of the penis. At the same time, it is necessary to endure some discomfort that may arise from the stretching of the penis. You should choose such an invention carefully and only from licensed manufacturers.


Prosthetic penis applications


Unlike extenders, Prosthetic Attachments (PPA) do not cling lengthwise, but transversely. The attachment takes place with the help of special belts, which are tightened on the calm position of the penis so that the penis is completely in the hollow system of the structure. The main task of such prostheses is not only penis enlargement, but also it's modelling.


Especially those who believe that their penis is not thick enough or curved. The presence of erectile dysfunction is another reason to use this design. Just like extenders, prostheses are absolutely painless and effective to use.


General issues


  • Do I need to use a lubricant with an extender or PPA?


Yes, you should always use gels and lubricants with any sex toy and penis enlargement products. They should also be used even when you are doing simple masturbation. Read about how to choose the right type of lubricant in our special article on the website.


  • How to put the extender on your penis correctly?


First, apply a couple of drops of water-based lubricant to the surface of your penis as well as the inside of your extender. Do not pour too much lubricant, or the device will slide off. Place the end of your penis into the hard tip of the design. Do the operation very carefully so as not to harm yourself.


Lock the position of the extender. Ideally, the tip should run over the frenum of the head of your penis. Do not make sudden movements. When stretching the penis in an extender, the main thing is to take precautions. Have patience and endurance.


  • What should I do if the extender is too long for my penis?


If the extender is too long, then you can trim it yourself. It is really very simple and easy to do without harming the accessory itself. To do this, put on the extender and mark with a felt-tip pen or pen the place where you want to cut the structure. To do this, you will need to use powerful and strong scissors, since the materials are very strong and it will be impossible to cut them with ordinary office scissors. And, if your extender has a testicular support strap, then you will have to say goodbye to it as well.


  • What if the extenders and PPA fall off the penis and injure the penis?


It's impossible! The fixation takes place securely and firmly, and if you are still so worried, we recommend that you use the additional safety straps included in the package.


  • Are there extenders that can work with non-vertical penis?


Of course, we can offer you a couple of options. However, we want to warn you that they are mainly designed to work with a vertical position only. As a result, the efficiency will be noticeably lower, and it will take much longer to work on efficiency.


  • How else can I make my cock bigger?


There are many ways today. For example, you can use special pumps and pumps that fit the penis tightly and allow you to increase its size. The process is long, and the effectiveness is not as high as that of extenders. And in some cases, penis enlargement is only temporary. You can find out about other additional methods in our articles or by consulting your surgeon.


  • Are there others that can cure erect penile dysfunction?


In addition to extenders, diagnostic treatment will also help you. The main condition is to choose the right clinic in which you will undergo this very treatment. Only the professionalism of the doctor and his methods can give a good result.