Penis exercises with a vacuum pump. Is there a magnification effect?


Even though the vacuum pump is gaining more and more fans, and is becoming widespread, many do not know or have just heard out of the way about what it is and why. Someone considers this to be another sex toy, someone is a masturbator or potency enhancer, but only those who are faced with the question of the need to increase the reproductive organ can fully appreciate all the benefits it brings. Therefore, in this article, we will try to most objectively highlight all its advantages over other methods and give basic recommendations regarding training.


Not just like that, the penis is popularly called the object of pride of its owner or "manhood." Due to the prevailing stereotypes. Or at the subconscious level, almost every man feels more confident and calm if he has the impressive dimensions of his "unit". After all, in fact, probably, everyone is overcome by the desire to feel like an alpha male in bed, who by his appearance alone, without the slightest effort, can impress and conquer the "female". Fact is a fact, and there is no getting away from it. And even though sometimes the desire to enlarge the penis, in fact, is not solid, many secretly want to enlarge it in size, believing that there is no limit to perfection.


Be that as it may, any opinion deserves respect, but what to do when they lack of extra centimetres develops into a problem, which may be:


  • dissatisfaction with the partner's intimate life;
  • complexes, uncertainty when meeting;
  • lack of popularity among the opposite sex.


In addition, none of these factors can be called more or less significant, since everything is individual for everyone, and if for someone it seems insignificant, then for another it can be a real tragedy. Therefore, there is a danger of panicking and doing something wrong. And to be able to choose, you should know the following methods that exist today.


  • Stretching or Jenning. This method is the least effective of all, it takes a lot of time and brings the least return.
  • Weights. This is the method of tribes of some Aboriginal people in Africa or Australia, which involves wearing additional weight on the penis. Very dangerous and dubious.
  • Penis pump. A great opportunity not only to do this at home, at any convenient time but also to watch your progress.
  • Pharmacology. Some people think that testosterone injections can solve something in this regard. Nothing more than an illusion or an amateurish approach.
  • Surgical intervention. The effect, almost instantaneous, however, implies a certain risk, a decent amount of money, and possible complications.


Considering all this, it becomes clear why this device is the preference of the majority. Moreover, reasonable and objective. However, some, even having acquired such a device for themselves, do not really know what to do with it and what training should be like. Therefore, let us dwell on the basic principles of working with him, which have already helped many men achieve their ideal.


Where do you start?


First of all, with the choice. Since your goal is to increase the size, and not to improve erection and just pleasure, you should give preference to more powerful models, as well as those that have a pressure gauge and an automatic pumping function. With it, you can easily, and what is important for sure, create the necessary pressure, which for beginners should not exceed 2-4 Hg. And its size, or rather the length, for obvious reasons, should be a little "overgrowth". Devices based on the principle of the swap, do not differ in any way in the principle of operation, the only question is in ease and convenience.


Understanding the device design. Any penis pump is a flask with a pump for pumping air and a cuff, on the tightness of which a lot depends. That is why it is necessary to use a lubricant during each session to obtain the maximum fit. There is a release valve on the tube connecting the pump and the flask, which must be activated if the level of the created vacuum brings discomfort, or even more painful sensations. For this, just a light, controlled press is enough. Over time, you, like a real person, will learn to feel the intensity of the load and be able to properly increase it.


The importance of consistency and lack of bigotry. A vacuum pump is just a simulator, like any other, that is in a fitness club. The only difference is that it targets an enlarged intimate organ, not a mouse. Therefore, the key to success, as in any training, the first condition is regularity and a sober assessment of your abilities. In any gym, you can meet people who take on too much, and then, after being injured or overworked, bypass it for years. Well, here, of course, the matter is much more delicate.


Therefore, daily activities cannot exceed 40-50 minutes. And ideally, they should be broken down into 5-6 approaches. This way, you will be able to provide constant, even stimulation that will ensure the rapid growth of the corpora cavernosa. This in turn will make the penis much larger in all directions during an erection.


Now about the process itself


  • You can start with the penis in a calm or erect state. But to enhance the effect, it will be better to warm it up with your hands, in warm water, or with compresses. This will make it the most malleable and susceptible to impact.
  • Take any position that is convenient for you. Since comfort and pleasant associations with classes undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on their results.
  • Lubricate the penis and cuff with lubricant, preferably water-based, to avoid damaging it. Fat-based lubricants, creams, oils, including household oils, etc. are categorically unacceptable. Ideally, it would be desirable to use not even a lubricant, but a special cream to increase male dignity. With it, the effect will come even faster, and the effectiveness of the training will definitely inspire.
  • Insert the penis into the flask and create the required vacuum. Using an electric pump or a manual pump does not matter. In this case, these are nothing more than technical features. If everything happens automatically, then set the rarefaction of the atmosphere to 2-4 Hg, but in any case, and especially at first, listen to your feelings. It's never too late to raise the bar, but you need to do it competently and meaningfully. If "bust", then use the release valve.
  • At the end of the process, filled with the same pleasure, wait until the tension in the organ decreases, and then remove it. Important! After each time (more than once a day!), The vacuum pump, and especially the cuff, should be well washed without the use of aggressive detergents and dried. Especially, this applies precisely to those cases when an uncontrolled eruption occurs.


If you listen to all the above recommendations, you can be sure, without a drop of doubt, that in a few months this toy will give your subject of pride a few centimetres in length and, importantly, add thickness. I wish you success and focus on results!